Best Practices for Sharing Content on LinkedIn

If you develop content with a business leaning, LinkedIn is a great place to dramatically increase exposure to your site, content and message. What do I mean by content? I’m talking about articles (blog posts), videos, podcasts, webinars, white papers, reports, etc. Sharing content on LinkedIn can be achieved with groups, status updates, answers, company […]

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12 Ways To Grow Your LinkedIn Connections Database – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we took a look at four useful tactics to utilize when building and increasing your database of connections on LinkedIn. Now that you’ve had some time to digest those tactics, let’s look at four more that can yield big results. Let’s jump right into numbers 5-8. 5. Comment On Group […]

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How My Business is Creating Thousands of Drip Marketing Contacts Every Month with LinkedIn

I recently sat down to review my company’s sales and marketing goals and metrics, and was struck with a startling reminder of the challenge nearly all small business owners face. How can I possibly get in front of as many prospects as I need to, while still running my business? Based on our historical sales […]

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12 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Connections Database – Part 1

One of the ways you can measure your progress in growing your business on LinkedIn is by how many connections you have. While this is clearly not the sole indicator of your profile’s net worth, it’s certainly a good place to start. The more connections you have, the larger your marketing database within LinkedIn. If […]

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How to Join More Than 50 LinkedIn Groups

How to Join More Than 50 LinkedIn Groups, and Why Doing So Will Grow Your Business

I talk a lot about LinkedIn groups.  Often times, I talk about the power of starting and running your own LinkedIn group. Simply because LinkedIn groups are a ridiculously powerful platform for positioning your business in front of prospects on a daily basis.  But that’s not what this article is about.  This article is focused […]

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Create Your LinkedIn Group

Why Starting a LinkedIn Group Will Change Your Business Forever

I might be the first person to have made this bold statement: Starting your own LinkedIn group is the single greatest  marketing tactic that you have at your disposal. And I do not mean to say greatest tactic within LinkedIn.  I’m referring to the entire spectrum of possible marketing activities. Yes, even better than having […]

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Five Things Your Competitors Are Not Doing On LinkedIn

If you’re already using LinkedIn to add to your list of business prospects, then chances are you’re ahead of the game. If not, now’s the time to get started.  LinkedIn is blowing up. You tell me a company or prospect that you want to do business with, and I’ll show you how to connect with […]

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HSBC Business without Borders Sidebar Ad LinkedIn

How HSBC Launched LinkedIn Campaign to Grow “Business without Borders” Group

HSBC is the latest big financial institution to jump into their LinkedIn marketing campaign with a branded group, Business without Borders | USA.  LinkedIn groups are a fantastic way to reach targeted prospects, whether you are a massive financial firm or a one-man shop. But the key is developing a group that attracts your prospects […]

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LinkedIn Connection Database Build

Are My Lower Level Connections Worth Paying Attention To?

We’ve all spent time searching for the one or two big contacts or key decision makers within LinkedIn that will help us with our next big sale or project. Sometimes we connect with those big contacts and sometimes we don’t. Along the way, we always manage to pick up a large amount of “lower level” […]

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LinkedIn Marketing Campaign Case Study

There’s Already a LinkedIn Group For That. Now What?

Well, there is already a group that caters to my industry or ideal prospects, so now what should I do? We get that question often. Our response?  Create the group that will best attract your ideal prospect, regardless of whether a similar group already exists. Why You Should Not Delay Launching Your LinkedIn Group It’s […]

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