5 (free) Social Media Apps Every Marketer Should Use

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We all have those tools we can't live without, and if you're anything like me, you're always on the hunt for more. For today's marketing professional, nothing beats a well designed app that simplifies and automates your many tasks. Check out my favorites below.

Social Media App 1 – Feedly

feedlyFeedly is an app that aggregates content. It will automatically find new articles and posts from the blogs that you add to your feed. The benefit with this app is that you can gather relevant content to share to your social media platforms from hundreds of sources without individually going to each blog and finding the content. The articles are sorted by headline, and you can open the links in new tabs to quickly look through each of your sources to find the best pieces to share.

Social Media App 2 – Bit.ly

bitlyBitly is a link shortener and tracking tool you can use to track engagement and shares on your links. Paste in a link, bitly shortens it, you have the option to customize the link, and then share it. Once it is shared, bitly tracks the number of clicks, and you can purchase access to more advanced analytics.

Social Media App 3 – Snip.ly

sniplySniply is another custom link shortener and tracking tool. The cool differentiator that Sniply offers, is that it will display a small popup box at the bottom of the screen containing a call to action (go to your website or landing page, sign up for a mailing list, etc.) on any content you share. This helps you generate leads and ROI while sharing 3rd party content.

Social Media App 4 – IFTTT

IFTTTIFTTT stands for “If This Then That” – and this is one of the best social media apps you can use to help automate in real time. There are “recipes” you can create to automatically populate google spreadsheets when someone follows you on Twitter, automatically repost to your social media channels when someone uses a specific hashtag (particularly useful for live events) and so much more. This integrates so many different tools, and can give you an easy way to keep track of your presence on social media.

Social Media App 5 – Hootsuite

hootsuiteHootsuite is THE ubiquitous social media automation tool for marketers. Use Hootsuite to schedule posts, track mentions, track engagement, and so much more. You can use Feedly in tandem with IFTTT to gather posts you want to schedule in Hootsuite, import them into Hootsuite and schedule away!

What are your favorite social media apps? Share them with us in the comments!

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