Are CEO’s, Presidents, CFO’s & Senior Business Leaders Paying Attention to LinkedIn?

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When speaking with a new client about the potential for a LinkedIn marketing or lead gen campaign, we always identify the number of potential targets that exist.

It's almost always a massive number.  

And for the most part, the people our clients are targeting are very senior business decision makers.  CEO's, Presidents, CFO's, CTO's, CIO's, VP's, Directors, Founders.  You name it.

All they way from small business up to Fortune 500.

Every industry you can think of.  You name it.

We can prove that they are on LinkedIn quite easily.  In nearly all cases, tens of thousands of targeted prospects.

THEN, the next question we invariably get is….

“Yeah, but are these people really paying attention to LinkedIn?”

The quick answer?  Yes.  And we can prove it.

But first we have to define “paying attention to LinkedIn.”

Within LinkedIn, there are a few key touch points we make with prospects:

  • The point of connection.
  • Status updates.
  • Group communications, postings, digests, announcements.
  • Personal messages.

At each of these points, the prospect has a chance to interact, reply, etc.  With very senior, high-level people, they rarely do.

Don't expect them to “like” your updates, comment on your group postings, or any of the traditional “engagement” metrics that marketing folks tell you to aim for.

Yet, we know that they are receiving the content and it's making a favorable impression.  We know for two primary reasons.

1. Our clients see a 30% response rate across the board, regardless of industry or focus.

Cold messages are an extremely ineffective, low percentage response tactic.  On the flip side, when you take the time to build a relationship with a prospect…it's not a cold message any longer.

By exposing even the most hardened, protected by their gatekeepers, ivory tower CEO to a systematic relationship building campaign….the door opens up.

That's how we know they are paying attention.  If they weren't, these results wouldn't exist in every situation they've been applied.

2. A study released in late 2012 confirmed what we have known to be true for a long time.

The study was conducted by Ipsos, a global market research company.  Their survey of global business elite found the following:

  • LinkedIn reaches more business elite and c-suite monthly than any other international news and business website measured.
  • LinkedIn attracts the highest number of business elite purchase decision makers with high net worth and big purchasing budgets.
  • LinkedIn is seen as an important business destination for senior executives globally as vistors most often come from strategic planning, management, finance and marketing functions.

Below are two of the more notable graphics from their report:

High Net Worth Decision Makers on LinkedIn

Source: IPSOS Business Elite Global 2012

LinkedIn Reaches Most Business Elite

Source: IPSOS Business Elite Global 2012

What This Means to You

Not only are the people you want to reach “paying attention” to LinkedIn….

….They're paying more attention to it than any other online news, information, or social media source.

If you're trying to determine whether or not it makes sense to invest in this channel…..well, you know what we think.