Ascend 2017 – Day One Recap

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Day one of Ascend 2017 is the officially in the books.

Here's what went down.

Session 1

In this session, Josh and Suzanne Evans started out by setting the stage for the entire event by talking about intention.

Why are you here?

What are you trying to achieve?

How are you going to turn that plan into action when you get back home?

From there Josh talked about the multiplier mindset, a concept made famous by the legendary Dan Sullivan, on how growing your business 10x is actually easier than simply 2xing your business.

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Because when you give yourself permission to pursue that kind of growth and fix your brain on a 10x goal, your thinking, innovation, decision making, and decisive action change.

When you seriously commit to the idea of 10X, you visualize where you want to be, and INTELLECTUALLY engage with a future 10x result.

You emotionally commit to taking the actions that will be necessary and making the decisions that will actually achieve the 10X result.  You become connected to all the capabilities in the world that can multiply you.

And through helping businesses master the 10x mindset and aggressive growth plan we’ve developed 5 key growth pillars.

We call them the 5 Pillars of Accelerated and Scalable Growth.

  1. Lead Generation Systems
  2. Sales Conversion Process
  3. Follow Up Funnels
  4. Expert Presentation aka Your Signature Talk
  5. Scaling / Sustainable Growth

This quote from an unknown author (that means Josh can take credit for it right? :)) sums up why everything in this session is important to your business.

“Unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situations.

Successful people make decisions based on where they want to be.”

You have to balance what you are doing today with tomorrow.  

Being successful in business means having short term and long term vision.  

If you always operate with what is right in front of you, you will miss massive growth opportunities over and over again.  

The difference between ASCEND and other events out there is that we show you the entire roadmap.  

And we work with you to help you customize it for your own situation.  

Everything from hiring, lead generation, to even financials to help you get there.

Session 2

After the “State of Union” address by Josh and Suzann, Ben Kniffen, COO of LinkedSelling, took the stage to go over our 3 PCM process: The 5 Components of All Effective Lead Generation Systems.

This is the framework for all successful lead gen and marketing campaigns and can be used as a barometer to find the holes in your business growth plan.

Session 3

In the third session of the day, Kristy Mochel (one of our Client Strategists and Directors of Lead Generation) talked about the essential aspects of a successful LinkedIn messaging campaign.

The Foundation – 3 Key Steps

Step 1: Prospect Profile

Is all about understanding exactly who your very best prospect is. It’s a cheat sheet that identifies exactly who your “top 20%” client is.

Step 2: Prospect Map

Identifies the places that your ideal clients are hanging out and can be reached online. So you’ll know where to plant your flag.

Step 3: Value Identifiers

Understanding what your clients care about, what THEY are into, what keeps them up at night

Kristy also talked about building Your Authority Leadership Platform. We do this on LinkedIn by building a community for your prospects that you consistently fill with content and conversation that THEY care about. The focus of this group should NOT be your business. This is a group for your prospects.

The goal/outcome here is to position yourself as an authority in THEIR industry.

Session 4

Sheri Osborne, a member of LinkedSelling Mastery, to the stage to tell her story of how she took the pain of health problems and used it as motivation to build her dream business.

And she did this through aggressive growth strategies in her marketing. Through this attention to detail and variety in her marketing mix has allowed her to achieve both personal and professional success

She more eloquently put it like this…

[bctt tweet=”Your marketing efforts are like spokes on a wheel. If one spoke is weak the wheel will collapse” #AscendLive –” via=”no”]

Session 5

After lunch, David Bayer, on of the top business mindset trainers in the world, took the stage to help our audience flip their mindset to be more effective, make more money, and most importantly… love a happier and more fulfilling live.

Here are a few highlights.

Business is 80% psychology and only 20% strategy.

There are only two “states of being”, Beautiful States and Suffering states.

Beautiful States = hope, gratitude, joy, etc.

Suffering States = stress, anxiety, boredom.

From there David talked about how our internal thinking is the sole driver of suffering and that we must train our brain to pull us out of a non-productive, non-fulfilling, state of internal suffering and turn that into a more product beautiful state.

If you want to know more about David and his programs you can text “MINDHACK” to 678-506-7543 to get a copy of his book.

Session 6

For the final session of the day, Ben and our Sales Training Specialist Stephan Seyfert discussed our sales process and conversion processes.

Every business owner needs a sales playbook for anyone who is going to be selling for their business.

This playbook is a scripted or outlined conversation is going to allow you increase the efficiency of your sales team that allow you to get more clients, who spend more money, and who get better results.

This is because the most important person to your prospects is themselves. You need to have a script that is a roadmap for taking your potential customer from point a to point b. Or in other words… an acquaintance to a client.  

That's all for today's recap. Tune back in tomorrow for a recap of day 2.