Ascend 2017 Marketing Conference for Small and Medium Sized Businesses Closes with Record Attendance

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Orlando, FL, June 14, 2017 -The 2nd Annual Ascend Marketing Conference wrapped up this Saturday in Orlando, Florida. During the conference, over 400 business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers learned how to achieve the 10x mindset needed to aggressively grow their businesses using LinkedSelling’s 5 Pillars of Accelerated and Scalable Growth.

Josh Turner, LinkedSelling's CEO, explained the importance of a 10x mindset this way:

“Growing your business 10x is easier than growing your business 2x because when you give yourself permission to pursue that kind of growth and fix your brain on a 10x goal, your thinking, innovation, decision making and decisive action change.

Attendees left Ascend with a customized solid step-by-step plan utilizing the 5 Pillars along with a wealth of tools to help them realize 10x growth in their business.

Ascend 2017 Conference presentation highlights included:

  •  “Using Online Marketing Offline to Build Relationships and Grow Your Business”; Sheri Osborne, Redeeming Restoration
  • Guest speaker, David Bayer, Top Mindset Trainer presented: “Flip Your Mindset to Be More Effective, Make More Money and Be Happy”
  • “Creating Your Expert Presentation”; Sara Flowers,  LinkedSelling Mastery, Program Director, LinkedSelling
  • Guest Speaker and world renowned speaker and sales trainer, Tom Schaff,“How to Hire Sales Superstars.”
  •  “Advanced Lead Generation Tactics That Deliver 6,000 to 10,000 Leads Each Month”. Josh Turner, CEO, LinkedSelling
  • “Creating Your One Year Plan for Growth”; Josh Turner, CEO LinkedSelling
  • “Using Speaking To Grow Your Business”; Suzanne Evans, CEO, Suzanne Evans Coaching, and Larry Winget, bestselling author.

The conference also featured the powerful stories of LinkedSellings most successful clients including:

Sheri Osborne, CEO of Redeeming Restoration achieved 3x growth in her business since last year at Ascend.

Adam Piandes, a Leadership and Management Consultant, has also tripled his business over the past year and has gone from just under 6-figures in annual revenue to multiple 7 figures.

Charles Price, an Orlando attorney,  just launched a brand new product and had a 20% sales conversion on his first webinar with a $997 price point. He’s built three 7-Figure businesses including his latest, which he took from conception to 7-figures in under two years. Price says his success has been a reality “because he learned from the best.”

Tom Schaff, CEO of  Big Swift Kick, a sales consulting firm, is running a 7-figure business on just 10 sales calls a year. This has been done by design as his previous company (another multi-seven-figure business) had him working all the time. Schaff says his success is due to “listening to the best and imitating their systems”.

Attendees also had the opportunity to receive hot seat coaching from Josh Turner and a panel of LinkedSelling experts.  Vera Singleton, one of the hot seat participants, had this to say about her experience at Ascend:

“I am really loving the Ascend event. So glad I made the journey. Everything about the weekend has been awesome Seeing the 10,000-foot view of who the LinkedSelling program has been assembled and implemented helped me to see just how important systems really are”

Ascend was co-sponsored by Suzanne Evans Coaching and David Bayer Businesses LLC.

Planning is already underway for Ascend 2018.  Go to to get on the early notification list for next year’s event.

For More Information: Meredith Eisenberg – – 314-669-6167.


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