LinkedIn Marketing Case Studies

Below are our LinkedIn case studies, focused on businesses that have successfully utilized LinkedIn to build authority, increase prospects, and grow sales.  We have many more on the way, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon.

See How File’s LinkedIn Campaign Resulted in 400% ROI

Gene’s LinkedIn campaign has been so successful that about 22% of Gene’s leads have turned into clients, resulting in about 400% ROI. Learn more!

How a Solopreneur Marketing Consultant Increased Revenue using LinkedIn

Steve Smart is a solo marketing consultant in St. Louis.  He has successfully positioned himself and attracted clients through his LinkedIn presence.  Learn how by checking out this interview here.

Learn How Cathy Sexton Landed 2 Huge Opportunities with LinkedIn

Cathy Sexton's company Productivity Experts helps business owners get a handle on the insanity and increase productivity.  She has been active on LinkedIn for some time, and shares how she got a great press opportunity and a client in Bangladesh…all off of LinkedIn.  Check it out here.

How a Resume Consultant Leveraged LinkedIn to Build a Successful Business

Mike Maetz quickly built a successful business, mostly by taking advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer. Learn what the most successful strategies have been for his business.  Click here to read more.

Dell Builds Brand Equity with Business Solutions Exchange LinkedIn Group

Dell utilized LinkedIn groups to build a huge database of targeted prospects inclined to purchase their products and services. Click here to read more about Dell's LinkedIn marketing campaign.

How HSBC Launched LinkedIn Campaign to Grow “Business without Borders” Group

HSBC, the giant global financial firm, looked to LinkedIn to position their business in front of international business owners.  There integration of a resourceful LinkedIn group with an external website is a great example of how to do it right.  Click to learn more about HSBC's LinkedIn group and marketing efforts.

How Vestas Used LinkedIn to Launch Their Largest Marketing Campaign Ever

Vestas is a multi-billion dollar wind energy firm.  Looking to launch their most ambitious marketing program ever, they turned to LinkedIn.  Read more about exactly how Vestas used LinkedIn in a big, big way.

How LinkedIn Brought $72,000 in Sales for PostcardMania recently put together a fantastic, in-depth case study on PostcardMania's big success with LinkedIn.  Leveraging groups, messaging, and valuable content, the company realized big sales gains.  Click here to read more about how they did it.

Cathay Pacific Airways Targets Air Travelers via LinkedIn Groups and Ads

Cathay Pacific utilized a laser focused LinkedIn campaign to get in front of business travelers in the Asian market.  There use of LinkedIn groups and ads provides a great example for creatively reaching your target prospect.  Read more about Cathay Pacific's LinkedIn Campaign.

LinkedIn Case Studies

Bookmark this page and check back for more case studies.  Learning from others is a fantastic way to fine tune your LinkedIn marketing plans.  We're committed to providing you with continued resources to do just that.  If you'd like to know when new case studies and resources are available, please enter your email below.


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