Case Study: Dell Builds Brand Equity with “Business Solutions Exchange” LinkedIn Group

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Dell LinkedIn Case Study Group Growth

LinkedIn groups are the most powerful way to establish authority and get your message in front of your target prospects on an extremely consistent basis.

Computer giant Dell has proven this with their group Business Solutions Exchange.  Started in June 2010, the group now stands at approximately 8,000 members.  What’s more important, the group is full of Dell’s most valued prospects.

LinkedIn Marketing Campaign Case Study

The demographics of this group are a clear indication that Dell has built a powerful platform to market to their prospects.

Over 52% of the group’s members are in the IT and computer industries.

 Dell LinkedIn Case Study

Over 37% of the group’s members are in IT, Engineering or Consulting.

Dell LinkedIn Case Study Group Breakdown

Most importantly, over 70% of group members are top management, c-level, & owners.

Dell LinkedIn Case Study Group Demographics


How fast did the group grow?

Dell LinkedIn Case Study Group Growth

The above graphs indicate that the group’s typical growth was between 50 and 100 new members per week.  Clearly there are a few spikes though (circled in green).  By 8/2/10, the group had grown to 1,409 members.  It is very rare for a group to grow this quickly without some strong promotion.

It’s highly likely that during these 3 spikes Dell was more actively marketing the group. It is likely, although not confirmed, that Dell promoted the group via:

  • Social Ads
  • Join Group Ads
  • Personalized invitations based on profile research within related groups.
  • Promoting the group on their other social media properties.
  • Promoting the group internally.

It’s also been mentioned online (source: that Dell tried out LinkedIn’s “Custom Groups” premium option at one point in the past.

Custom Groups allow brands to control the entire group page, including sidebar ads, polls, videos, blog integration, and other custom media.  Normally this space is reserved by LinkedIn to show ads that the group owner does not control.  It’s a potentially powerful strategy. Yet as of the date of this study the Business Solutions Exchange group is clearly not working as a “custom group.”

While it’s a powerful strategy, one can’t blame Dell for using the custom group option for a limited time.  It has been reported that LinkedIn charges $50,000 a month for a custom group.  It is difficult to envision a scenario where this expense could be swallowed for an ongoing amount of time.  Dell likely committed to the custom group option for a short period of time to coincide with their big promotional pushes of the group.

What has this all achieved for Dell?

Building a group with 8,000 members is no small feat.  But this is a great blueprint for doing it the right way.  The greatest thing Dell has achieved here is the organic creation of an extremely powerful permission asset.

They’ve gained regular access to key decision makers within their target market. Their messages and promotional events can be communicated directly with these prospects.  Further, Dell has a terrific platform to consistently demonstrate their leadership in their space.

For the 8,000 members that are part of the group, it’s likely that Dell’s solutions will be top of mind when and if they are in need of the company’s offerings.


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