The Outbound Lead Generation Strategy that Delivered 56x ROI for a Sales Consulting Firm

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The Outbound Lead Generation Strategy that Delivered 56x ROI for a Sales Consulting Firm

The Challenge:

The Brooks Groups provides high-level sales training and resources that help their clients create measurable sales growth. Before contracting with LinkedSelling, they had used content marketing, white papers, blogs, and more. They shared with us that and that they had just jeopardized their gains in SEO when they migrated to a new site.

As a result, they saw a decrease in leads from their site and as such, they were looking for a reliable method to bring in more quality leads, consistently.

The Solution:

Because the Brooks Group focuses on very specific verticals and needed to get in front of specific decision makers within those verticals, they were perfect candidates for the LinkedSelling
relationship-based system.

With high-value targets, LinkedIn should be always be a part of the approach. You’ll bypass the gatekeepers and have the opportunity to build an actual relationship with decision-makers if
you follow an approach similar to the campaign we designed for The Brooks Group.

Their campaign consisted of four parts:

  • Research and identification of qualified prospects on LinkedIn
  • Optimize their brand's LinkedIn presence to build authority
  • Connect with thousands of targeted prospects to build a database of potential clients
  • Outbound messaging to prospects designed to build trust and set the sales appointment for their sales staff.

The Key to Proper Positioning: Understand Your Target

This is key to the Brooks Group’s success: they knew exactly who they wanted to do business with.
On their behalf, we researched and targeted specific people within several industries, including the plastics, bearings, heat distributors, agricultural, medical devices, and manufacturing to name a few.

Within those organizations, The Brooks Groups wanted to target people that held titles like “VP of Global Sales”, “Chief Revenue Officer”, “National Sales Manager” or anything similar. With a road map for who they wanted to talk to and our help determining what would interest those prospects and move them into a consultation, we were ready to launch.

So, We Built Relationships with These Prospects Through Strategic Messaging Campaigns

After connecting with targeted, high-quality prospects, we planned and executed our multi-touch messaging campaigns via LinkedIn. This allows us to provide value to their prospects, build
their trust, and cement the Brooks Group’s authority and expertise.

These messaging campaigns ultimately lead the prospect to book a sales appointment, and that’s how Paul was able to close his 6-figure deals. By systematically transitioning these prospects into
relationships, the sales consultation was the logical next step.

The Results:

LinkedSelling Helped The Brooks Group Generate Over $850k in New Revenue

As a result of working with LinkedSelling, The Brooks Group has closed multiple 6-figure deals with brand-name companies.

They’ve gotten their foot in the door with dozens and dozens of the types of clients that used to take months or years to get an appointment with. And on top of that they’ve maintained top-of-mind
awareness by staying in front of these high-ticket leads on a daily basis in their LinkedIn feed. This has lead to a steady stream of incoming phone calls and leads with their highly-targeted prospects.

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About The Brooks Group:

Founded in 1977, The Brooks Group is a corporate sales training and sales management training company focused on helping companies build top-performing sales teams.

Their training systems provide street smart, actionable strategies that help salespeople sell more effectively and sales managers coach and lead more successfully. Their no-nonsense, customizable approach skips the fluff and focuses on what will actually get results for your team.

Industry: Management Consulting

Location: Greensboro, NC


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