Content is not the king, quality is.

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Content is king.

Everyone has heard that phrase a thousand times over the past decade.

Believe it or not, the internet has changed again. Shocker, I know.

And content is no longer king.

That’s not to say that content is not as powerful or as important as it once was. In fact, i8584178056_f1449e4d90_mt may be even more powerful today.

Okay, so if content isn’t king, then what is?

Quality is king.

Quality is now king. Once that well known phrase “content is king” rose to popularity, everybody and their grandma started a blog, or podcast, or YouTube channel, or some sort of platform to host content.

The problem with this is that EVERYONE was creating content and before you knew it, the internet had become saturated with content that was produced for the sake of merely having content. Or, solely for SEO purposes (the worst kind of content).

Google has caught on to sites producing this type of content and adjusted its algorithm to keep sites with solely SEO oriented content from being able to ruin the party.

Over the years, many have thought they were providing a benefit with their content, but very few really delivered the goods.

Now the internet is overrun with the same “Top 5 things to help you grow your business using twitter,” and “How to start a blog” type articles. These articles have their place, of course, but people don’t need thousands of versions of the same recycled junk.

What people need is something that solves problems, something that gives them some real ideas and usable tactics. They need content that digs a little deeper.

What people need is the recipe to the special sauce. They need QUALITY.

This is where you are able to stand out from the crowd.

Because, guess what?

Most people don’t know the recipe to the special sauce. That’s why they are writing the same generic articles and discussing the same ole rehashed topics on their podcasts and in their presentations.

Doing what has been done before is easy, and it can certainly produce some results. However, doing what is difficult, what is new and groundbreaking, is what really generates results.

sauceSome may argue that they don’t want to delve too deep into their expertise because their “secret sauce” is available for the whole world to see.

They fear that they will lose potential clients who take some of that “special sauce” content and use the recipe for themselves.

But, how it really works, is that the majority of your readers will look to you as an expert and be more willing to purchase your products or services because they know what you preach is the real deal and not the same run of the mill garbage that’s put out on a daily basis.

If you know how to truly increase sales using Twitter then give some real insight into your tactics and don’t just tell your followers that the key to using Twitter is scheduling your tweets with Hootsuite or having a good picture on your profile.

People know that already.

Regardless of the platform, keep this in mind when you are writing your next blog post, or preparing your next webinar, or putting together your next white paper.

Your content needs to be better than the rest.

It can’t be just good, it has to be great, maybe even amazing if you want to generate amazing results from it.

Remember, there is a difference between quality writing/presentation and quality content. No one cares how good of a public speaker you are if they don’t learn anything from your presentations.

What you produce needs to generate ideas, open eyes, and truly provide a benefit to your followers or no one will care about what you are saying.

When you create content, ask yourself these 5 questions to see if your content meets the standard of quality content:

  1. Is your content easy to digest?
  2. Can the viewer/reader walk away from your content with something they can use to grow their business without having to engage further with you?
  3. Does the viewer/reader leave wanting to learn more?
  4. Does your content resonate with the emotions of the viewer/reader?
  5. Last but not least, are you creating content because you care about your prospects or are you creating content to trick the viewer/reader into coming to your site?

If you care about your prospects then your content will reflect it.

It will be a quality resource and will keep them coming back to you for more. Create enough quality content and eventually those viewers/readers will turn into customers.

Create average content and you’ll be stuck with average results.