Creating Stability: How MarketSmiths Booked 70 Quality Appointments with the Exact Companies They Want to Work With

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Creating Stability: How MarketSmiths Booked 70 Quality Appointments with the Exact Companies They Want to Work With

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The Challenge:

MarketsSmith’s website and their content accounted for 98% of their incoming business through organic search. The other 2% came from referrals and networking. Which is great! A lot of businesses would love to be generating leads like that from their website.

However, they needed more stability and a steady stream of new prospects to reach out to that haven't just found them organically.

The Solution:

Using LinkedSelling’s proprietary outbound sales development strategy, MarketSmiths was able to drastically increase the number of quality leads - and more importantly, more of the RIGHT kids of leads.

First, we identified a target market and built a prospect database of the exact types of companies MarketSmiths wants to work with. Jean, MarketSmith’s founder and CEO shared with us a list of companies she considered her ideal prospects.

With this initial guidance, using our multi-channel outbound approach (including LinkedIn messaging and email), we were able to target a wide-range of industries and connect with top executives at companies + startups with an employee range of 51-10000+. We’re even able to connect with the exact types of people at those companies, including CMO’s, VPs/Directors/Managers of Marketing, PR, Communications, Content, Digital, Growth Acquisition, Lead Generation, Demand Generation, and SEO.

Once we connect with targeted people, we implement strategic multi-channel messaging campaigns that nurture these highly targeted prospects to book a phone call, creating the opportunity for Jean and her team to close new clients.

The Results:

70 Qualified Appointments
with Their Ideal Prospects

Since January 2020, Market Smiths has booked 70 quality appointments with the exact companies they want to work with. As copywriting and content marketing specialists, they don’t need a much higher volume of appointments than that. This has provided them plenty of opportunity to close clients.

Even more importantly, the prospects booking appointments are spot-on! Our focus is always to deliver the RIGHT kind of prospects and thanks to a high sense of clarity around the messaging, the strategy, and the kind of client MarketSmith wants to work with, we’ve been able to do just that.

Jean Tang explains,

"The last 2-3 days your team must be targeting leads on my wish list!! I've seen new contacts at Amazon, Google, Adobe, Salesforce, DocuSign and more - thank you thank you!"

"PS Just talked to one of the leads you generated - about a pilot project!! SUPER excited!"

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About MarketSmiths:

In 9 jam-packed years, the MarketSmiths copywriting team has written for thousands of clients about hundreds of topics. We’ve channeled a chorus of voices, conquered dense and technical subject matter, and fulfilled every content format under the sun. We’ve seized our lessons—and mindfully leveraged them to become more capable. We’ve also seen our share of pitfalls, even fallen into a few...and figured our way triumphantly out onto solid ground.

And after all of this, every project is still a delicious new puzzle to be solved. Every deliverable is fresh and wonderful. We enjoy our clients, and we are having a ton of fun.

From hard-boiled journalists to horror fiction authors, we’re a skilled crew of word-slingers that know we’re good—but view every project as a chance to prove how much, and to further our skills.

Industry: Copywriting & Content Marketing

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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