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Are you using your LinkedIn presence to attract new prospects, leads and business?

If the answer is no, then you are missing out on a huge channel of new leads.

[rt_left] Let me be even more clear.  If you aren't using LinkedIn to generate new business, you are leaving a tremendous amount of income on the table.

LinkedIn is by far the most affluent social network, and on top of that, there are over 2 million businesses on LinkedIn.

Ignoring LinkedIn could be costing you big sales opportunities and hundreds of thousands in income opportunity.

If you're ready to put in just a little extra time, in exchange for some big results, then this video series is for you.
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How to Convert Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Lead Generation Tool

Most people aren't getting any results out of LinkedIn.  These people have a profile, but they don't do much with it.  It's little more than an online business card that nobody is paying attention to.

And then there is a much smaller minority of people, like me, that are generating new leads on an almost daily basis from LinkedIn.

What separates these people?  I can tell you that it's not a matter of one group working harder, or simply having a better pitch.  Not at all.

What it comes down to is this; the people generating real business leads and closing sales generated from LinkedIn understand how to:

  1. Optimize their profile to generate massive traffic.
  2. Connect directly with thousands of real prospects.
  3. Structure their profile to convert “views” to “leads.”

It is really that simple, although within each of those items there is indeed a “secret sauce” to doing it the right way and maximizing your ROI on LinkedIn.

Take a look at this screen shot, and compare it to the results you're currently getting on LinkedIn.

Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

[rt_left]If you are already showing up in search results over 3,000 times per week, then this video training series is not for you.

But if you're like most, who are struggling to figure out how some people seem to be so successful with LinkedIn, then our free 10-part video training series is absolutely for you.


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In "How to Convert Your Profile Into a Lead Generation Tool" we will teach you:

The devil is in the details and in this video series we share the secret sauce with you, the same secret sauce that only the most successful LinkedIn marketers understand.  I know you're going to love this 10-part training series.


What are other people saying about our LinkedIn training?

Free LinkedIn Training“Best content and take-away value I've seen in a LI seminar.” – Sheila Collins, Owner at SC Surfaces, LLC

“We’ve generated several bid opportunities and got one PO from just a few hours of working the LinkedIn marketing strategies that Josh taught us.” – Corey McDonald, Owner at Green Space Construction

“Thank you for the great training videos. I learned things I couldn't have imagined, especially regarding a call to action.” – Deidre Simpson, Education Industry Copywriter & Test Preparation Instructor at Conqueror Prime Group

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