Freedom Arts & Education Center: Everyone Deserves An Opportunity to Prosper

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Spotlighting the Freedom Arts and Education Center

We talk a lot about how to grow business, how to build strategic relationships, and how to create a steady stream of prospects, but there’s another side to our mission that we don’t talk about too much…

And that is all about using our platform and our success to help others grow.

So today I wanted to tell you some more about an amazing group of people that we’ve been helping to support for the past year who are really making a difference in our hometown of St. Louis…

They are the people behind the Freedom Arts and Education Center. Their mission is to create REAL opportunities and a safe space for under-served children in the St. Louis area allowing them to discover art and music, as well as the opportunity to improve their reading, writing, and math skills.

Watch this video and you’ll see exactly what I mean…

It’s about empowering young people for a better future and it makes a difference

Their mission is to help young people become the highly creative, literate, passionate, independent thinkers they are capable of becoming. Now that’s something we can stand behind!

Because We Believe Everyone Deserves the Opportunity to Prosper

The way we run our company, we put a high value on both personal and professional growth.  But we see a lot of people, even in our hometown, who are brilliant, but just need the right opportunity.

That’s why my company and I are so proud to be able to help support Freedom Arts.

Every Little Bit Helps

It is awesome to see and hear about how our contributions are directly improving the lives for these kids.

Freedom Arts Executive Director and my personal friend, Andrew Gibson, has shared that thanks to our partnership they’ve been able to expand  their after school program, After Sessions, from four hours a week to seven hours a week. This is an awesome program that provides kids from first grade through high school a safe space to learn, create, and grow.

And it’s making a huge difference! In fact, last year, 100% of the students involved in the program saw improved reading comprehension & mental math fluency, and they’ve also had artwork on display at the Missouri History Museum and in public libraries.

And like Andrew says, “the increased time with our scholars gives them more access to academic support, and we have seen all of their reading and math skills increase. That will obviously empower them to overcome some of the barriers put in their paths to success in the classroom.”

Here’s How You Can Help

Freedom Arts is a non-profit and in order to stay open, they need help. Here’s how you can donate:

Just go to their website, and click the “DONATE NOW” button.

Because there is more to growing a business than the money, it’s also about being able to take a stand and support causes that make a difference. Freedom Arts is a real cause you can get behind. And if not, I would still urge you to give back however you can, whether that’s by volunteering or by donating to a cause important to you.