BREAKING NEWS: We Just Added $21,000 In Bonuses For Anyone Who Joins "Free Sessions That Sell"

($24K+ In Total)

​This is BY FAR the best bonus package I've ever put together... and it's not even close.

Today is the LAST day you can register for Christian Mickelson’s program, Free Sessions That Sell.

And because I 100% believe in Christian’s program, having gone through it myself, I’ve made a decision to go ALL OUT on this and make this not just a no-brainer for you… but an outright crime if you pass it up…

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Join Free Sessions That Sell Before Midnight Tonight & You'll Get The Following From My Team For Free...

**JUST ADDED** Bonus - The LinkedSelling Mastery Bootcamp Bundle - ($19,600 Value) 

*** You should know that I have never given this away before. We ran these bootcamps for an exclusive mastermind of 25 people only! And they paid more that $25k annually to be part of it. You get it 100% FREE when you join Free Sessions That Sell through my link.***

  • Our proprietary, 4-Part Bootcamp Series previously only available to our high-end Mastery students (they paid $25k annually to be in our program), we detail the processes that drive millions in recurring revenue for our coaching and service programs.
  • Bootcamp #1: Sales Conversion Mastery

    A well-built sales process will beat a flashy salesperson any day of the week.

    Get expert-insight to the ideal sales process whether you are selling a service or program that has come from millions of dollars in new sales revenue and been implemented for hundreds of businesses.

    Detailed agenda:

    >> Overview of the Sales Script Writing Process
    >> Starting to Write Our Sales Script
    >> How to Create a Closing Script
    >> Trust, Rapport, and Benefits
    >> Objection Handling and Script Techniques
    >> Sales HotSeats
  • Bootcamp #2: Funnels & Lead Nurturing

    In this bootcamp we share the LinkedSelling process to create a streamlined funnel to build your list and convert more opt-ins to sales opportunities.

    We’ll throw back the curtain on how we’ve been able to generate millions of coaching program sales on autopilot. And share the implementation blueprint so you can build the same for your business.

    Detailed Agenda:

    >> Content Development
    >> Lead Magnet Creation, Landing Page Design, and Display Banners
    >> Content Repurposing​
    >> Follow Up Funnel (emails) - Leads => Sales (mass offers)
    >> Follow Up Funnel (emails) - Sales => Clients (referrals & other mass offers)
    >> Setting up your Autoresponder + Connect 365 (Tools & Outsourcers Referrals)
  • Bootcamp #3: Expert Content & Presentation

    Every business out there needs an expert-level presentation.

    Whether it’s for your sales call, an upcoming webinar, or a live speech at a conference. Without a clear and concise process to develop content that positions you as an expert and drives results (aka sales), you’ll prospects will look elsewhere.

    On this bootcamp we focus on how to build and deliver your expert-level content no matter what upcoming presentation you need to deliver.

    Detailed Agenda:

    >> Getting Personal and Vulnerable
    >> Crafting your Turning Point Story
    >> Outlining Your Top 3 Expert Subject Matters
    >> Creating Your Main, ”Go-To” Expert Content Presentation
    >> Repurposing Your Expert Content
    >> Practicing Your Content and Your Offer Until You Can Do it in Your Sleep 
  • Bootcamp #4: Scaling through Joint Ventures and Advertising Bootcamp

    How much traffic do you drive to your site currently? Need to scale your traffic and volume of appointments being booked with your sales team?

    This training will walk you through the implementation of campaigns that have been proven across nearly every vertical imaginable (seriously we’re talking about businesses from Divorce Attorneys to Leadership Coaches to Karate Studios to Marketing Consultants) to drive more traffic, opt-ins, appointments and sales.

    Like everything, it comes down to the right process and expertise from those who have been there before. In this bootcamp we’ll provide the end-to-end process to put in place and give you access to hear from our expert team at Elite Digital Group on how to launch your campaigns without issue.

    Detailed Agenda:

    >> Metrics, Testing, Conversions & Congruence
    >> Conversion Focused Creative (ad images, headlines and body copy)
    >> Precision Targeting (audience & ad set set up)
    >> Optimization & Look-a-Like Audiences (when to stop ads, when to scale them)
    >> Retargeting (making the most of ad spend dollars 

**JUST ADDED** Bonus - The LinkedIn Ads Funnel Workshop - ($2,985 Value) 

  • ​This is a deep-dive into next-level LinkedIn ad strategies you can use to scale your appointments and generate a 6-9x ROI.

    The workshop training will take you behind-the-scenes to look at how you can scale your appointment generation by incorporating LinkedIn ads. This strategy is a great next-step once you have a system in place to get leads and it will FUEL the fire for Christian’s Fee Sessions That Sell Program.

Bonus - LinkedIn Profile Optimization Workshop ($897 Value)

  • To help you kickstart your LinkedIn Marketing, we’re including a special, one-time bonus for new buyers of Free Sessions that Sell from our link.

    We’ll offer a premium training exclusively for our buyers where you can submit your LinkedIn profile for an expert review from our team.

    In the sales world these days, you can bet your bottom dollar that your prospects are looking you up online before your call. Without an optimized LinkedIn profile, you run the risk of wasting your first impression - which as we all know can make or break the future relationship.

    Don’t leave it to chance!

Bonus - LinkedSelling Sales Conversion Kit ($997 Value)

  • You’ll get professionally designed templates for the impact sales collateral that will help you close more deals. Along with your easily editable templates, you’ll receive exclusive training that gives examples of how we’ve used this same material to convert more of our prospects into clients.

    Within the Sales Conversion Kit, you’ll have templates for your....
  • Our conversion focused Sales Presentation Slide Deck to use to guide your sales calls/strategy sessions
  • Sales Objection Flashcards to guide you through the best process to handle any sales objection
  • Client Case Study template to ease your case study creation process
  • 1-Pager Template to quickly highlight benefits sell your program or service. Perfect for sales follow up. 

All-In-All This Is Over $24K in Bonus Training & Resources From The LinkedSelling Team On Top Of Everything You Get Inside of "Free Sessions That Sell"

We've Made This A No Brainer Because We've Seen First Hand What This System Can Do For A Business. Hint: Inc. 5000 4 Years In A Row...


My Conversion With Christian Mickelsen About His FSTS System...

On Top Of Our Bonuses, Inside of FSTS You'll Also Get...

  • The "Free Sessions That Sell" Live Training With Christian Mickelsen - Value: $5,000.00
  • 6 "Get Clients" Group Coaching Session Recordings With Christian Mickelsen - Value: $5,000.00
  • 3 Live “Nail Your Niche” Group Coaching Sessions - Value: $3,000.00
  • Real High-End Client Sign-Up Session Recordings - Value: $2,000.00
  • PLUS $36,000 in Additional Bonuses From Christian's Team

You Also Get Guaranteed Results With The 60-Day "Get Clients"100% guarantee

From Christian Mickelsen:
"I’m so committed to seeing you get lots of high paying clients that if you study the training, do the coursework, and implement my system and you don’t get clients, we’ll give you the extra support you need. If you still don’t get clients, I don’t deserve your money and will happily give you a refund during the 60 day guarantee period."

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