Getting Endorsements and Recommendations on LinkedIn

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It's easier than you think.

Clients sometimes ask me for help getting endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn. There are a few ways you can approach this seemingly complex task.


Some people ask their friends and co-workers for an endorsement. This is asking a lot out of them because you're asking them to remember to do it.endorsement

Lets face it. If they aren't near a computer or on LinkedIn when you ask…they will most likely forget.

There is a better way to get endorsements: Endorse others. This will encourage them to endorse you back.

Spend some time every couple of weeks endorsing friends, colleagues, and anyone else that you think might return the favor.

Sometimes LinkedIn will make it easy for you to endorse a lot of people in a short amount of time. Every once in a while a box will appear on the top of your profile for an endorsement recommendation. When you come across this box, take advantage of it. You'll hit your quota in no time.


Recommendations are a bit trickier because they require a little more work.

When it comes to getting recommendations, it is acceptable to send an email or to verbally ask the person you're seekinrecommendationg help from.

Writing recommendations take time.

You can increase your success by making the process easier. Give the person writing the recommendation a topic to focus on: a skill you've mastered, a specific task you completed, a positive personality trait, etc.

Make it as easy as possible for them. As long as you don't pressure the person into writing something something they don't believe in, they will happily comply.

You can also offer to write a recommendation for someone else if they agree to write one for you. Approach it like a trade…something that has benefits for both parties.


People really DO want to help each other out. They just don't know how to help and what to say.

Make it easy and offer incentives.

Following some of these simple guidelines, you can quickly build up your endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn.

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  • Very big player LinkedIn but more information I receive the more Knowledge I have to use this tool correctly
    Lawrence Gregory
    Managing Director
    Saturn Security Installations Ltd

  • Great info, recently I had someone request to connect with me and 1 hour later was asking for a recommendation.
    I think they should also be like testimonials on your website, only give them if you know this person can do what you say they do.
    I felt like his profile was full of false testimonials when I read them.

  • Is there any reason to continue to add endorsements to your profile once you have reached your maximum for a certain skill?

    I follow the link in the notice, which gives the endorsement box to help endorse others, but does it do any good to update my profile at this point? Does LinkedIn store the endorsement overages as a cumulative balance, somewhere? Is it retrievable or viewable? I wondered how many I actually had under a skill I maxed out on over a year ago.


    • Robin,

      Even thought the badge says 99+ endorsements there is still a way to see more. If you click on the number of endorsements you have a pop-up window appears that will show the total number of endorsements you have received as well as a list of everyone who has endorsed you for that particular skill.