Guess Who Landed on the Inc. 500?

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Today is a big day for LinkedSelling.

The Inc. 500 dropped today and I am proud to announce that we made the list. You're looking at #252!

When Ben and I started LinkedSelling, I don't think we had the thought that we'd someday be recognized as the 5th fastest private growing company in Missouri….and #252 in all of the US.

But then we began to build a team…and all the sudden it felt like a real company with a real chance to make a big dent. We were forced to move out of our shoe box into a proper office…which we subsequently outgrew as well!

I'm so proud of what we've created together.

A place where we hold ourselves to a high standard, where people work when they want to stretch themselves and grow, and want to be a part of something bigger.

A place where we value results, not excuses.

A place where you can count on the team to be there for each other…not as common in business as we might hope.

A place where we tell it like it is. About rewarding those who achieve great things. A place where we actually give a shit, and do our best to help the people and clients who trust us.

And one of my favorite things is that we have truly created a company where we give people freedom to live their life the way they want. To organize their work how they want. To take time off when they want. To work where they want. It's not always perfect or easy, but it's pretty damn good in my book.

The best part, though?

We can still be so much better. We have a special, uncommon ability now to reach so many people and truly do work that matters.

We intend to make a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of businesses over the next few years.

As I said earlier, we are fortunate enough to be in a position to do that.

It’s not something we take lightly, the work we do is about being able to help others see the same kind of growth that we have experienced.

It’s not only something we enjoy, but it’s something that drives everything we do as a business.

The next 3 years are going to be at a whole new level, and I'm grateful for every bit of your support.

  • Josh

    ‘Telling it like it is’ – and – ‘giving a shit’ rank #1 with me. Congrats on cracking (by half) the Inc. 500!