Hiring: Account Manager / Outbound Marketing Specialist

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Hiring: Account Manager / Outbound Marketing Specialist

We’re looking for an energetic, detail oriented person to join our growing team.  If you’re the kind of person that gets things done, works efficiently, and can bring a creative perspective, we’d like to talk to you.

What We Do

Our company (LinkedSelling.com) helps B2B companies build authority, generate leads and increase sales.  The primary tool we use to achieve this is LinkedIn, and we also help clients with email marketing, content and webinars.  We grow databases of prospects and systematically move them to warm leads.

What You’ll Do

In this role, you’ll be responsible for managing and executing campaigns on behalf of clients and our internal marketing efforts.  If you’re just as comfortable designing strategy as you are executing it, you’ll love it.  If you’re the kind of person who, in school, always finished tests first and almost always received high marks…we want to talk to you.  You’ll be responsible for managing and building online communities, running outbound marketing campaigns, developing and distributing content, and more.

What It’s Like

If you work slowly, this position is not for you.  If you need a lot of hand holding and ongoing direction, this position is not for you.

We work in a highly collaborative environment, but at the same time hold each other accountable.  If you’re looking for a big corporate feeling gig, then this isn’t for you.  But if you want to be a part of a quickly growing company, have more freedom than most could imagine, and be on the cutting edge of social media and online marketing, you’ll love it.

What we care most about:

  • Our Clients – We do the work, and we expect to get consistent results for our clients.  Our clients don’t pay us to simply manage their online presence, they pay us to get results.  We take it seriously, and we don’t lose clients.
  • Integrity – We sleep good at night because the work we’re doing is real, hard work. We don’t cut corners and we shoot people straight.
  • Creativity – Anybody can do the kind of work that does not get results.  To break through to key decision makers and generate consistent results takes creativity.  Creativity rooted in practicality and scalability.
  • Growth –  We grow when we help our clients grow.  If you understand that growth is about the team, and no single person, you’ll fit right in.

Skills You Must Have:

  • Qualities noted above.
  • Very fast on a computer, especially word processers and spreadsheets.  You navigate your way around the web very quickly.  You know the entire suite of Microsoft Office, and you’re experienced with Google Docs.
  • You like interfacing with clients and participating in strategy meetings, AND being the one that does the actual work.
  • You’re big time into social media and you read lots of blogs.
  • Well versed at LinkedIn specifically.
  • You’ve created content before such as blogs, articles, videos, or email newsletters.  And you know how to drive traffic to that content.
  • Bachelor’s degree of some sort is preferred, but not essentially critical.
  • Must be motivated in a big way and not need constant direction.
  • You’re the kind of person who Googles a question before asking somebody else for help.

How You Will Be Compensated:

Salary, holiday, vacation, and coffee. Pay commensurate with experience. Money aside, you should look at this as an opportunity to work with a quickly growing, small company that is doing big time work in a space where most struggle to gain traction.  You’ll become an expert in B2B marketing and LinkedIn marketing, and you’ll be positioned to grow as a leader in our company.

To Apply:

Apply with your LinkedIn profile here:


And include examples (links) to content you’ve developed, or writing samples.