How KBMax Generated Software Demo Requests and Whitepaper Downloads in Less Than 60 Days

Posted by Matthew Croghan in Client Success Stories

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How KBMax Generated Over 100+ Software Demos In 4 Months

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The Challenge:

Software Demos & Whitepaper LinkedIn Ads Strategy

When KBMax came to us, they had several goals. The first was to get demos of their software scheduled so prospects could see exactly how it works and how they could use it to translate their complex data. The second was to get people to download their white paper about how their software could be used within the industry. 

The Solution:

Two (2) Multi-step LinkedIn Ads Funnels

By launching 2 different LinkedIn ads campaigns (one for software demos and one for whitepaper downloads), he was able to reach out to those most likely to be interested in growing their complex data translation software.

The campaign consisted of three parts:

  1. Optimized targeting using proper demographic factors to attract those most likely to be interested in their software demo and whitepaper 

  2. Creating “FREE demo pitch” and “FREE whitepaper download” ad copy to get their attention and convince them to book a demo or download the free white paper

  3. Follow-up emails designed to move those who signed up for the demo onto the next step of becoming a client, in this case, booking a call to get the full software. For the whitepaper, the emails will both deliver the white paper and pitch a consultation call to get a closer look at the full software.

Launching a Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign

Using our Social Selling System, we set up two multi-step LinkedIn ad campaigns that targeted prospects who would likely be interested in KBMax’s complex data translation software.

Using ad copy that pitched the demo and another set that teased the whitepaper, the prospects were sent to a landing page where they could enter their information. They were then redirected to a consultation offer page where they could instantly schedule their demo or in the case of the white paper, schedule a call with a member of the KBMax team. If they did not schedule their demo, they would receive a series of follow up emails with attempts to convince them to book a demo. If they did not schedule a call after claiming their white paper, their download would be delivered via email and then they would be sent a series of emails attempting to convince them to book a call. 

The Results:

In less than 60 days, KBMax had 26 software demo requests for $187 each and 18 whitepaper downloads for $72 each.

Over all, we ended with over 105 demos in 4 months.

With these results that they have seen from these two campaigns, the potential for additional revenue is huge. Thanks to the follow-up email sequence a percentage of these qualified prospects will likely become a client over time.

The best part? This system is easily replicated month after month, they are consistently growing their email list, and increasing awareness which leads to signing new clients. 

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About KBMax (an Epicor Company):

KBMax is now Epicor CPQ. We're revolutionizing the CPQ & eCommerce market with our fast, responsive, and interactive 3D UI. Customers and sales users can configure simple or complex products on any device. They can then price and quote the configuration with one click.

Our platform includes a full-featured rules language, 3D visualization, smart pricing, a workflow engine, CAD automation, and out-of-the-box integrations with CRM, ERP and CAD systems. These features combine to create a seamless and powerful B2B2C solution.

Industry: Computer Software

Location: Austin, TX


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