How One E-Commerce Company Generated 24 High-Quality Appointments Using a Multi-Channel Strategy

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How One E-Commerce Inventory Management & Implementation Company Generated 24 High-Quality Appointments Using a Multi-Channel Strategy

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The Challenge:

Networking & Referrals Weren’t Enough

Sitation, a PIM (Product Information Management) platform selection and implementation company, was looking for ways to create more demand for their services, capture more sales opportunities, and increase their revenue but their previous methods. This included your typical networking, referrals, and trade shows - and over time, they weren’t providing them with the number of opportunities that they desired. 

They knew they needed to change the way they generated qualified sales appointments for their team. And understanding what it took to do that successfully, they came to us.

The Solution:

A Multi-Channel Campaign on LinkedIn

After analyzing Sitation’s processes and target market and utilizing our proven playbook we created a multi-channel marketing campaign to generate high-quality leads to get their core offering in front of hundreds of ideal prospects each and every month.

It started with a very “pain-based” white-paper download that highlighted the pain points of Sitation’s prospects ran on LinkedIn’s ad platform. With the added email & SDR follow-up to those leads, we were able to get in front of the right prospects at the right time - and ensure that the topic/pain was top of mind because of the content they took action on.

Here is an example of what we targeted on LinkedIn:

  • Manager-level & high seniority levels in Marketing and IT
  • D2C and B2B product manufacturers, retailers, and distributors
  • Location: US, Canada, & Mexico

For our LinkedIn Ads campaign, we started with a downloadable PDF to collect ideal prospects through a lead generation form as well as a landing page. We then called the leads who took the download in order to secure appointments with the Sitation team. 

For our Linkedin outreach campaign, we built out a large database of high value prospects developed with our prospecting efforts. We then ran a multi-touchpoint messaging campaign, combining email/phone/LinkedIn to consistently get in front of those cold prospects.

The Results:

210 Opt-Ins and 24 Qualified Appointments

Since August 2021, this multi-channel campaign generated 24 appointments with businesses in Sitation’s target market and they added over 200 people to their email list.

Thanks to the success and results generated, there is a ton of potential for additional revenue. Each one of these leads has the potential to turn into a new client with the right follow-up in place. Between the emails, calls from SDR, and thanks to the sheer number of leads that came through the pipeline, the potential for more profits in the future is very likely. 

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About Sitation:

Sitation is an e-commerce consulting, technology, and data management firm serving Fortune 500 retailers, distributors, and manufacturers across a range of industries and categories.

Industry: E-Commerce, Product Information Management

Location: Apex, North Carolina

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