International Marketing Expert, Terry Brock, Talks B2B Social Media Marketing

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In the second edition of our B2B Marketing interview series, I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with Terry Brock. As an international social medTerryia marketing expert and technology trends keynote speaker, Terry provides his clients with strategies to use technology to increase profitability, productivity, and quality of life.

Check out his interview below as he shares some insight on B2B social media marketing:

Social media and networking have seen a rise over the past few years, what’s your take on the rise of social media marketing?

It’s the next logical way of human beings connecting with each other. People want to connect with other people. Social media gives us the ability to make those connections online and dissolve geographical barriers. The technology now gives us the ability to reach people anywhere on the planet with just a few keystrokes or words spoken.

As a B2B marketer, give me some perspective as to how can I best incorporate social media into my overall marketing strategy?

Social media needs to be an interval part of any marketing effort today. It is imperative that businesses understand it is about engagement not about broadcasting. Just sending a message out to others as we did before, will not work today. Businesses must listen to and engage with their customers.

How can companies’ best utilize social media in order to get referrals or attract new corporate clients?

Follow the practices of those who are doing it right. Create compelling content that is about your products and services in general and don’t come off as sales-y.

Be real. Be human. Let people know that your company really consists of live human beings!

What tools are you finding to be the most helpful when building business relationships online?

For me, I find that using video tools like iJot, screen flow, camtasia and others help to make a more human connection. I also like to use HootSuite. This tool lets you use a “digital command control center” for your activity in Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. I also find that Rapportive is a great tool for understanding more about people in social media.

What advice would you give to those who are getting ready to enter the social media marketplace or those who are looking to have a bigger impact for their company in this area?

Understand that social media is different than marketing in the past.

It is about engaging with people at a human level.

It is about answering their questions and listening to where they’re hurting much more then pushing your sales message out the door.

 What would you say are the most important skills necessary for success today as a B2B marketer?

There are number of them. The most important would be listening and caring for others in an authentic, genuine way. Another important skill is the discipline of consistency. You want to regularly have a message that is sent, which is of value to those who are in your target market.

What does the future of B2B social media look like?

The future is so bright we need sunglasses! Social media provides the opportunity for people to connect with people and to conduct more business than ever before.

From a bottom-line business point of view, the opportunities for making money at lower cost, and reaching more people to serve them more effectively, is better than ever.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities and challenges for B2B marketers over the next several years?

Some of the biggest opportunities are presented in the area known as Big Data. Those who can understand all of the noise going on and make sense of what is truly a signal, will prosper enormously.

Thanks so much, Terry! We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Thank you, Jamie.

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