Free vs. Premium: Is LinkedIn Premium Actually Worth the Money?

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Have you considered upgrading your LinkedIn account to Premium and are just not sure whether or not it’s the right move? My clients ask me this question all the time.

To make it easier, I've detailed out the benefits of having a LinkedIn Premium profile, so you’ll have all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your business.

LinkedIn Free Vs. LinkedIn Premium: Round 1, FIGHT!

Gain Greater Insight with LinkedIn Premium

With LinkedIn Premium you’ll be able to take advantage of exclusive insights about how people are finding you on LinkedIn, giving you the insight to optimize your LinkedIn strategy.

Not only will you gain access to a full list of everyone Who’s Viewed Your Profile within the last 90 days, you will also be able to see what keywords led people to your profile, as well as the industries and locations of your profile viewers. With a free account you are only able to see the last five people who viewed your profile.

Learn more about the analytics included in Who's Viewed Your Profile.

In addition, you'll have a full list of the top 100 most viewed people among your connections and see how you rank against your industry peers with the How You Rank “Professionals Like You” tool. For this report, a free LinkedIn account is limited too. The free account only allows you to see the top 10 most viewed people.


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With all of the additional data provided in a LinkedIn Premium account, you will certainly have a competitive advantage. Not only will you have more insight with which you can improve your profile, but you will also have a source of potential prospects that have sought you out.

If you're not actively trying to turn your profile views into leads, you should start.

Right now. Start with these 5 Steps to Turn Profile Views into Hot Leads.

Build your brand with LinkedIn Premium

The Expanded Search Listings will help you stand out from the crowd. When someone searches for you on LinkedIn, your listing will display additional information pulled from your profile.


When applying for a job on LinkedIn you’ll be able to apply as a Featured Applicant. This sets you apart from the pack by showing your job application above those of non-premium members.


If you need to update the copy on your profile you can use the Keyword Suggestions tool for help. This tool can also be used to identify the best keywords to bring people to your page.


Premium members have the ability to make their profile an Open Profile. This allows any LinkedIn member to reach out to you free of charge, regardless of their connection degree. If you're interested in connecting with anyone interested in the products or services you are offering, removing this last barrier could be beneficial.

Growing Your Network is Easier with LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium members have access to 8 additional search filters in the Advanced People Search. These filters can really help fine-tune and expedite your searches, especially if you’re doing a lot of them.

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If you’re making use of the Advanced People Search, you've probably noticed the limit that LinkedIn has placed on the number of profiles your free account can view per day. This can be a HUGE pain! With LinkedIn Premium, you’ll be able to view as many profiles as you want with no restrictions.


Lastly, LinkedIn Premium members are allotted a set amount of InMails per month which is based on your subscription level. If you’re not familiar with InMails, they allow you to send a direct message to anyone on LinkedIn so long as you can find them.


If you're looking to generate leads and grow your business using LinkedIn, you should seriously consider LinkedIn Premium.

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Do you have any other questions about LinkedIn Premium vs. Free? Ask us in the comments below!

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