LinkedIn Ads
Campaign Management

We specialize in LinkedIn Ads.  With over 10 years of experience, and managing millions of dollars for ourselves and clients, we've determined EXACTLY what it takes to run a successful LinkedIn Ads campaign - that produces ACTUAL results.

You can find pretty much any business on LinkedIn, and what’s better, you can connect with pretty much anybody. That opportunity alone is enormous.

We've also identified the biggest MISSED OPPORTUNITY on LinkedIn.

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Whether we’re generating leads for our clients or training them on our powerful processes and tools, we help leaders build more profitable business relationships.

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LinkedIn Ads Strategy
Success Stories From Our Clients

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How We Helped Another Lead Gen Company Realize Positive ROI Through a LinkedIn Advertising Campaign
How One Automotive Marketing Agency Generated 65 NEW Qualified Leads in Less Than 60 Days Using LinkedIn Ads
How An IT Company Generated Qualified Leads Their AI Software in Less Than 60 Days
How One Workplace Safety & Health Company Utilized a Multi-Channel Strategy

Are LinkedIn Ads RIGHT For You?

  • 75% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for paid social campaigns (more than any other platform) and 79% say it produces the best results for them.
  • More than 57 million companies and 800 million professionals across 200 countries are on LinkedIn.
  • Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn can convert customers at a 5x higher rate than traditional landing pages.
  • LinkedIn’s lead conversion rates are 3x higher than other major ad platforms
  • Organic Event leads and Event ads can drive higher CTRs up to 3x and convert at a higher rate when targeted in later campaigns.
  • Your buyers are looking for you. 74% of B2B buyers do half of their research online before they buy. With LinkedIn being the world’s #1 social network for business you better believe they will find you (and your team) on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for lead generation and sales development. It’s not a trend; it’s a goldmine for prospectors and is constantly improving with updates and positive changes to the platform that make it the perfect place to find, engage and convert your prospects.

Social Media Ads
Campaign Management

Our basic package allows you to be hands free when it comes to your online social media presence.

  • Customized Targeting Plan
  • Lead Magnet (if needed)
  • ALL ad creative and assets with split testing
  • Integrations among ALL of your tech stack and CRM systems
  • Regular feedback, reporting & check-in calls for optimization

Social Media Ads
Campaign Management

Our STANDARD package includes everything you'll need to generate a consistent flow of prospects and book appointments to convert.

  • Customized Targeting Plan
  • Lead Magnet (if needed)
  • ALL ad creative and assets with split testing
  • Integrations among all of your tech stack and CRM systems
  • Regular feedback, reporting & check-in calls for optimization
  • Targeted email follow-up sequences (5-9 touchpoints per prospect each month)
  • Consistent phone calls/dials via our SDR team (4-5 touchpoints per prospect each month)
  • Total leads & touchpoints vary based on volume/CPO/ad spend

Lead Generation &
Sales Development

Combination of BOTH:
Social Media Ads Management
Multi-Channel Outreach Management

  • Standard Multi-Channel Outreach Campaign Management
  • Standard Social Media Ads Campaign Management
  • ALL Social Media & CRM Integrations
  • Customized targeting and retargeting campaigns
  • 12-15 touchpoints per prospect each month
  • Depending on volume, estimated minimum +/-7,000 touchpoints each month

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How To Run A Successful LinkedIn Ads Strategy For Lead Generation??

Success Metrics & Planning

Define the RIGHT tangible campaign goals & develop the plan to attain them


Control your lead gen process & reap the lead volume you need

Audience & Qualification

Target & qualify your best audiences for your campaign

Lead Collection & Appointments

Attract a list of your premium prospects & fill your sales calendar

Everyday Optimization

Improve your campaigns to lower lead costs & scale over time

Is This Service Right For You?

LinkedIn Advertising

Traffic/Funnel Management

Lead Generation

This IS a fit if...

  • Yes, if you have an existing funnel on the LinkedIn platform and your running ads... OR you don't have an existing funnel but know LinkedIn is a platform and you need to be there.
  • You're looking to SCALE the volume and quality of results for the ad campaign...
  • You are a B2B service-based company with a clearly defined prospect and offering. You sell high-priced product or service offerings via consultations, sales appointments, software demos, etc.
  • Understand the value of the platform for targeting your ideal prospect, AND building trust and relationships with prospects.

This IS NOT a fit if...

  • Are not willing to or able to partner with LinkedSelling as your outsourced lead generation and sales development team
  • Will not or cannot invest enough $$$ to support the build out and optimization of a long-term lead generation system
  • Have no proven sales process in place that will allow you to capitalize on leads being delivered
  • Do not sell your offer through booked appointments
  • Can’t currently handle a higher volume of quality leads and prospects
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