Announcing LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content (this is huge for lead gen)

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LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content

LinkedIn recently unveiled ” LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content.”

We've had the opportunity to test it prior to the public release.  As expected, the results have been fantastic.  Quickly, LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Updates have become our best source of targeted leads.

Yes, Facebook ads are still going strong.  But for b2b advertising, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are performing exceptionally well.  Now with LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content, the results are even better.

Here's our quote from AdStage's press release:

“There's no doubt this is going to be our single greatest lead source for some time to come,” said Josh Turner, Founder of LinkedSelling and Webinarli. “Over the last year, Sponsored Updates have proven to be an extremely effective way for us to reach professionals in different niches, often at a better value than with other social networks. We're incredibly excited about Direct Sponsored Content through AdStage because it now lets us customize our message for each audience to optimize performance even further.”

For more on this announcement, here's the article on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog: “Introducing LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content

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