LinkedIn Increases the Number of Connection Requests You are Allowed to Send

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Have you ever received a notification that you had reached the limit of connection requests that you are allowed to send on LinkedIn? As a small business owner, especially one using LinkedIn as part of your lead generation strategy, this can be frustrating and downright scary. Maybe you would have found this somewhat vague explanation on the help pages.

Invitation Limits

As you probably have noticed, LinkedIn has made some pretty dramatic changes over the past year. Some of those changes are merely aesthetic, but many other changes have a significant impact for users.

One of the changes that has been getting little press, and is actually a big deal, is the amount of connection requests that LinkedIn is allowing its users to send. For years LinkedIn had capped the number of requests you could send to 3,000 connection requests, meaning if you wanted to grow your connections beyond that mark, you would have to find a way to get others to send connection requests to you.

What Should You Do When You Reach Your Limit?

When people hit this connection request limit, they often think they just need to delete some of the pending requests they've sent, but which haven't been answered. LinkedIn makes it very clear that withdrawing invitations is not the solution.

Withdrawing Invites

The only way to have your limit increased is by sending contact LinkedIn with a specific request. Your account will be reviewed, along with the acceptance rate of the requests you've previously sent. If you don't appear to be spamming all 3,000 contacts and you're approved, you're limit will be raised.

This whole process can be a huge pain, especially when you're attempting to build your business via LinkedIn. As a small business, you don't want your network to be to be capped at 3,000, for any length of time. And trying to convince people, who don't know you, to send you a friend request first, is a slow and challenging process.

But there is good news!

LinkedIn Increases Connection Request Limit by 66%

Recently, LinkedIn decided to increase the amount of connection requests you could send by 66%, going from 3,000 to 5,000. That’s a pretty significant increase and not just for those who have ran out of the ability to send connection requests. LinkedIn also says that it will raise the limit even higher for those who play by the rules.

Invitation Limits 5000

Check out what LinkedIn has to say about the matter here.