Make Your LinkedIn Videos Stand Out with New Text Filters and Stickers

Posted by Pat Henseler in LinkedIn Marketing Insights

I'm not breaking any news by telling you that video is an important part of any well-rounded marketing campaign these days.

But the fact is…native video is still pretty new to LinkedIn.

They only added the ability to upload video direct to their platform in 2017.

And they are trying to catch-up quickly with regards to their video content features.

They've just recently added the capability to add stickers and text to your mobile videos to help them stand out more on the platform.

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How Can I Add Filters to My LinkedIn Video?

The first item to note is that these new filters are only operational when uploading mobile video right now.

To get started the process is pretty easy.

1. Update to the latest version of the LinkedIn app on your mobile device.

2. Tap the video icon in the share box.



3. Record or upload your video.

4. Tap the icons on the top right corner of your screen.



5. Add text or resize the image of your sticker or text box by pinching and zooming.

What Types of Stickers Can I Put on My Video?


Since this is a new feature to LinkedIn, the choices are a bit sparse. But they have already stated they are looking to add more options in the near future.

Currently, you have 12 sticker options as well as a few text boxes you can choose between.

They range from a lightbulb image to a #TipOfTheDay graphic.

If you are currently sharing content with your connections on LinkedIn, the Tip of the Day option is one that I recommend as a starting point.

Like most online video content, I recommend keeping the video short and direct.

Make it a teaser for more content or information to come.

Here's a recent example of how we've started utilizing the #TipOfTheDay:

Your Turn

Let us know how you'll be looking to incorporate video on LinkedIn in your marketing plan. And stay tuned as we'll update our blog with any other new features that come to LinkedIn.

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