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**As of March 2022 - the lifecycle of our training programs has ended**
It includes:

To not leave you empty-handed, you can download our playbook we use within the training program
and access our Sales Conversion Kit Resources - see below:

Rocket Launch Playbook

Our Rocket Launch Playbook

The playbook will walk you through all of the steps and exercises in chronological order as LU/TAG would so be sure to follow the playbook to set up a LinkedIn Lead Gen funnel.

DOWNLOAD our Playbook HERE

Resource 1 of 4: Sales Presentation Deck

Nail Your Presentation.

Quit worrying about hiring a professional designer or wavering over the decisions about what to put in each slide in your sales pitch. We make it easy by providing you with the template pitch deck that we use and recommend. All you need to do is copy and paste your information about your offer. This template will keep your conversation on track and keep you in control so you can close more customers

DOWNLOAD our Presentation

template HERE

Resource 2 of 4: Sales Objection Cards

Tackle Objections.

Let’s face it. Dealing with objections is a part of the sales game. But do you know the proven process to turn more objections into clients?

With this flashcard set we’ll provide you with live examples of how to deal with the MOST common objections. How do you handle it when a lead tells you your product costs too much? What about when they tell you they just don’t have time right now? These flashcards will give you the playbook to effectively turn these objections into a positive in your sales process

DOWNLOAD our custom sales objection cards HERE

Resource 3 of 4: Case Study Template

Provide Proof.

Here you easily edit a professionally designed and optimized document to highlight the success of your client(s). Don’t waste your time on difficult-to-use graphic design software OR pricey designers. Get a simple-to-edit case study template, along with a live example to understand how to best utilize the design template.

DOWNLOAD our Case study
template HERE

Resource 4 of 4: Product/Service One-Pager

Follow-Up Like A Pro.

Don’t neglect your follow-up. Provide your prospects with eye-catching one-pagers that simplify your offer into an easy-to-read format. This 1-pager template is the basis of your follow-up post-call. You’ll get an editable template, plus live examples to show you how to make it work for you.

DOWNLOAD our Product/Service One-Pager Template" Pack HERE

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