New Account Researcher Tool: Breakthrough for Sales People?

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All salespeople have a couple common problems.

1. Finding emails and relevant intelligence on prospects is an arduous task.

2. Preparing for sales calls takes time.  Because of that, sometimes we're not as prepared as we should be.

eGrabber's new “Account Researcher” tool purports to eliminate both problems.

For the last couple weeks we have been using their tool and have found it to be a very useful addition to our arsenal.

As a bit of background, we have been using eGrabber's Lead Grabber Pro since 2012.  That software is a robust solution for building large prospect lists and appending email, phone and address data.

For some businesses, Lead Grabber Pro is overkill.  For others, it's simply too expensive (approx $4,000 annual license).

Account Researcher Eliminates Those Objections

The new Account Researcher tool is perfect for businesses that want all of the functionality, but don't want to spend thousands and don't need to build large lists.

It's the perfect solution for salespeople, marketing managers, and business owners who need to compile data on individual targets.

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Not only will it provide you with a prospect's email address, phone number, and mailing address, the tool will provide you with all sorts of timely intelligence that will help you quickly build rapport with potential clients.

By scanning almost every nook and cranny on the net, the software will tell you anything you need to know about a prospect.  What have they been tweeting about?  What social channels are they active on?  What's their favorite sports team?  You name it.

If the data is on the web, Account Researcher will find it and compile everything into a central dashboard for your review.

This kind of software allows you to find data that you may not have otherwise even had access to.  It allows you to better prepare for sales calls, and to get the appropriate contact info for most decision makers that you want to reach.

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For us, eGrabber's suite of software has become an indispensable part of doing business.  And the new Account Researcher tool is quickly adding itself to that list.

Complimentary Training and Workshop

If you're interested in learning more, please join us for a complimentary demonstration and training workshop on July 31 at 12:00 noon Central.

All attendees will also be given a free 7-day trial to give the tool a test drive!

Click here for details and to sign up.