One Way to Get Past Most Gatekeepers and Assistants

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LinkedIn Messaging CampaignWe run a lot of campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Campaigns of many varieties.

Many include LinkedIn messaging or InMail, many include good old fashioned email.

And one thing we see consistently is that…

The response rate on LinkedIn messages is consistently higher than traditional email.

Why is this?

There are a few key reasons.

One: The gatekeeper who reads their boss' emails is typically not managing their LinkedIn inbox.  As such, busy executives actually see and read LinkedIn messages.

Two: LinkedIn inboxes are far less chaotic than email.  When you're getting a few hundred emails a day, it's easy to kick anything that's not critical to the curb. But when a busy executive heads over to their LinkedIn inbox, typically it's a far more manageable situation. This leads to LinkedIn messages actually being read.

Three: LinkedIn messages usually hit BOTH a recipient's LinkedIn inbox AND their normal email. Two for the price of one. More opportunities for your message to be seen.

This isn't to say that LinkedIn messaging is more effective than email, or one should be done over the other. Every situation is different.

But you should look for those situations where LinkedIn messaging can be utilized, and test your response rates versus other methods. Chances are, you'll like the results, and the gatekeeper won't know what hit 'em. 🙂