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Client Results

At LinkedSelling we pride ourselves on being obsessively focused on providing great results for our clients. Check out some of our many client success stories below.

One-to-One Outreach

Our process will allow you to build lasting relationships with your most valuable prospects through proven psychological and social principles. Through time-tested tactics and strategies, we’ll position you and your brand as an authority in your industry in a way that will make your prospects predisposed to want to talk to you.


Marketing & Advertising

8 high-quality appointments booked with people in Banking & Financial services consulting firms.



Generated 7 new referral partners within the private lender & equity space.


IT & Services

447% ROI was created via a campaign targeting the manufacturing space.


IT & Services

Steady pipeline creation with 84 appointments generated


Management Consulting

66 MQL appointments in Q1 alone with private equity firms.


B2B Consulting

24 Quality Appointments and 5 new coaching clients in less than 32 days using a proven LinkedIn Outreach Strategy


Facilities Services

Saw an influx of quality prospects after establishing a lead generation system. 

Davies Public Affairs

Real Estate, Energy, Mining, and Crisis

Working pipeline built and operational in just 6 weeks.

Epilogue Systems

Information Technology & Services

Unique Approach to ‘Social Media’ to Close Multiple 5-Figure SaaS Deals.

Authors Channel

Book Publishing and Coaching

Attracted authors to their coaching program with 10 high-quality leads in less than 60 days



Consultancy booked consistent appointments resulting in 280 quality leads over the course of 14 months.


Software Development

Generated 51 leads, 36 quality appointments, and 2 In-progress deals in less than 6 months

The Brooks Group

Management Consulting

Marketing Strategy that Delivered a 56x Their Investment

The Big Know

Videography / Health Education

37 High-Quality Leads in Less Than 60 Days Through a LinkedIn Targeted Outreach Strategy

Market Smiths

Copywriting & Content Marketing

Booked 70 Quality Appointments with the Exact Companies They Want to Work With


Logistics & Supply Chain

Used LinkedIn and Email to Generate 1000s of Qualified Leads

The Faces Of

Consulting; Real Estate Coaching and Community Relationship Builder

Relationship- Focused Approach to Sign 40 New Clients

Mertz International

Tax & Financial Planning

Doubled Their Revenue In 8 Months With A Single Outbound Lead Generation Campaign On LinkedIn

Consulting and Technology

Used A MultiChannel Strategy to Replace the Loss of Leads and See an 268% ROI

IT & Services

Generated 32 High Quality Leads & 28 Booked Calls With a Simple Outreach Strategy

Information & Technology Services

Generated 24 High-Quality Appointments Using a Multi-Channel Strategy


Advertising / Marketing

Generated High Quality Leads, Appointments, and Proposals With a High-Quality Outreach Strategy



Generated High Quality Leads With a Targeted LinkedIn Outreach Strategy


B2B Consulting

Grew Their Book With A Multi-Channel Approach

Prime Occupational Medicine

Workplace Health & Safety

Utilized a Multi-Channel Strategy to Generate 20 High-Quality Appointments in Less Than 60 Days


Employee Wellness & Wellbeing

Generated High Quality Leads, Appointments, and Deals With a LinkedIn Outreach Strategy


Strategic Growth & Acquisitions

Generated High Quality MQL Leads & SQL Booked Calls in Less Than 4 Months

The Answer Company

Software Consulting

Filled Their Pipeline and Controlled Their Lead Volume

Cohen Architectural Woodworking

Commercial Construction

Consistently Full Sales Pipeline and Over $30 Million in Top-Line Revenue

Structure Roof and Wall Solutions

Roofing and Wall Solutions

Multi-channel Strategy Delivers 22 Quality Appointments In Just 60 Day

Alliance Corp

Managed IT

Generated 29 High Quality Leads In Less Than 2 Weeks


Information Technology & Services

Generates Double-Digit Quality Sales Appointments Every Month


Healthcare Brokers

Built Awareness in a Competitive Market and Closed Multiple 7-Figure Deals

Sustain Sprinkler

Environmental Services

Generated High Quality Leads & Booked Calls With a Simple Outreach Strategy

Chris Kenney Coaching

Coaching, Consulting

134 Qualified Sales Appointments & Multiple Client Contracts


Human Resources

Utilized a Multichannel Outreach Strategy To Pave the Way For Industry Disruption

Occams Advisory

Business Consulting and Services

Generated Over 54 Leads, 26 Booked Appointments, 17 SQLs, and 7 Proposals in 114 Days

VRB Capital

Financial Services

Generated 54 Booked Appointments and 19 Sales Qualified Leads in Less Than 60 Days

You could be our next success story.

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LinkedIn & Facebook Ads

With over 15 years of experience, and managing millions of dollars in ad spend for ourselves and clients, we've determined EXACTLY what it takes to run a successful LinkedIn or Facebook Ads campaign - that produces ACTUAL results.



Generated 59 Demo requests while targeting IT Service Providers & MSPs



325 free trials generated over 90 days while targeting business owners.


B2B Marketing

Targeting law firms, we generated 177 NEW Qualified Leads and 16 Appointments in less than 60 days


B2B Tech Marketing

28k cash in door return on ads alone, not counting the residual income.


Brick & Mortar

We have generated over $1 million worth of new enrollments for martial arts studios across the country


Coaching Consulting

$45K in NEW Yearly Revenue in Less Than 5 Months Using LinkedIn Ads

Darin Garman

Commercial Real Estate / Investing

$250,000 in Investments in Less Than 5 Months Using Facebook Ads

Deal Signal

Software Development

10x in Just 90 Days With A LinkedIn Ads Strategy


Coaching / Health

74 Market Qualified Leads in Less Than 90 Days Using Facebook & LinkedIn Ads

BDC Promotions

B2B Marketing / Lead Generation

69 NEW Qualified Leads in Less Than 60 Days Using LinkedIn Ads

WebMetrix Group

Public Relations / Thought Leadership

123 Qualified Leads and 54 Booked Calls in Less than 60 Days

Thoughtful Automation

Automation / Software Development

208 Market Qualified Leads In Less Than 3 Months With a Simple LinkedIn Ads Strategy


IT Services and IT Consulting

111 Qualified Leads For $55 Each in Less Than 60 Days


Software Development

26 Software Demo Requests For $187 Each and 18 Whitepaper Downloads For $72 Each in Less Than 60 Days


Software - Cybersecurity

30 New Partners For Their Program in Less Than 60 Days Utilizing Facebook Ads

Financial Advising (New Prospects)

How These Financial Advisors Added An Average of 30-60 Prospective Clients to Their Pipeline

Dance Classes

350 Leads and 123 Appointments Generated for Dance Studios in Less Than 30 Days

Financial Advising (Seminar Attendees)

How 2 Financial Advisors Used Facebook to Fill Their Seminars and Workshops

Webinar Registrants

These Companies Generated Thousands of Webinar Registrants Via Facebook and LinkedIn Ads

Software Development

Firearm Detection Software Company Generated 182 MQLs in 30 Days + 252 Demo Requests

Appointment Generation

LinkedIn Ads Strategy Brought in 175 Appointments in Less Than 90 Days


Appointment Generation

Over 5,000 Course Registrations, 912 Appointments, and 14 Sales in Less Than 90 Days


Information & Technology Services

Generated 24 High-Quality Appointments Using a Multi-Channel Strategy


Divorce & Full Service Attorneys

Generated $90,000 from a Simple 4-Step Facebook Campaign in Less than 60 Days



52 Appointments With NEW Clients In Less Than 60 Days Using Facebook Ads


Sales Training for Entrepreneurs

We Grew Dave Dee’s Email List And Doubled His Money in 21 Days


Executive Team Coaching

Generated 116 NEW Leads In One Month Using LinkedIn Ads


Team Leadership Coach

Generated 465 Qualified Leads From Companies Like IBM & Wells Fargo at $9 or Less


Estate Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney Fills Seminars Using An Event Campaign on Facebook


Software Development / Employee Training, Onboarding, & Engagement

Generated $80.6K In Profits & 6 New Clients in 4 Months


Estate Attorney

Generated Over 146 Leads and 7 Booked Calls in Less Than 60 Days Using Facebook Ads


Marketing / Business Growth

Generated 479 Leads and 31 Appointments in Less Than 90 Days


Martial Arts Consultant

Booked 273 QUALIFIED Appointments Using Facebook Ads


IT Marketing Consultant

Generated Over $15,000 in Less than 30 Days Using Facebook Ads


Dental Consultant - Webinar

Generated Over 1,341 Webinar Registrations and 60 Qualified Appointments in Less Than 60 Days


Dental Consultant - Book

Generated Over 186 Book Orders in Less Than 60 Days Using Facebook Ads

Chiswick Theater Arts

Theater / Performing Arts

Generated 665 New Leads, Enrolled 23 New Students & Achieved 3,925% ROI in Less Than 60 Days

Olson's Martial Arts

Martial Arts / Karate

Generated $215,000 in New Enrollments Using Facebook Ads

Releve Dance Studio

Dance Classes

Generated 292 New Leads, Enrolled 17 New Students & Achieved 1,913% ROI in Less Than 90

Ripple Effect

Martial Arts / Karate

Generated 115 New Student Enrollments and 1,198.5% ROI Using a Simple Facebook Ads Strategy

Studio3 Dance

Dance Classes

Generated 161 New Leads, Enrolled 9 New Students & Achieved 803% ROI in Less Than 60 Days

USA Karate Rosemount

Martial Arts / Karate

343 New Leads and Generated Over 34% Of Their New Enrollments in 2022 Through a Simple Facebook Ads Strategy

Wine & Design Franchise

Paint & Sip Classes

Generated Over $13,790 in 2018 Using Facebook Ads

Barratt Asset Management

Property Management & Acquisition

Generated 139 NEW Qualified Leads and 57 Appointments in Less Than 90 Days

Heartland Partners

Commercial Real Estate / Investing

Generated Over 911 Book Downloads in Less Than 60 Days

Tax Strategists of America


Generated Webinar Registrants & Over $185k in Sales in Less Than 45 Days

TGUC Financial

Financial Loans

Achieved an Over 56% Booking Rate in Less Than 60 Days

ALC Childcare Center


Generated Over 75 Leads, 3 Enrollments in Less Than 60 Days

Canadian Fertility Consulting


Generated Over $2.7 Million in Revenue in 30 Days

The Fertility Center

Surrogacy / Fertility

Generated 90 New Appointments for Less Than $33 Each

The Fertility Center

Healthcare: Fertility - Egg Donor Program

Generated 61 Leads @ $6.74 for Their Egg Donor Program in Less Than 30 Days


Automotive Technology, Information

Generated Over 1,600 Leads and a Consistent 50% Booking Rate

Standing Partnership

B2B Companies, C-Suite

Generated Over 200 Leads and 50 Qualified Appointments

Prep Expert

Higher Education, Tutoring, SAT/ACT Prep

Generated Over 300 Webinar Registrants and $81,407 In New Revenue

CPR Investments

Financial Advisor

Generated 5 Appointments in 7 Days & 30+ Leads Per Month Using a Simple Facebook Ads Strategy

International Surrogacy Center


Moved Forward With 40 Potential Surrogates, Received 324 Applications, and Generated 2,637 Leads in Just 8 Months

Roots Surrogacy

Healthcare: Surrogacy

Generated Over 509 Opt-Ins @ $8.90 and 32 Application Submissions in Less Than 60 Days


Software & ELT

Generated a 3X Return on Ad Spend & Added $250,000 of Potential Revenue to Their Pipeline in 7 Months

You could be our next success story.

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SDR Dialing Services

Our team of US-based specialists will handle your sales development for you. This ensures that you not only go to market significantly quicker, but you also don’t have to worry about burning budget and prospect relationships on trial and error.


Health & Safety

17% Booking Rate for Qualified Appointments


Product Information Management

11 Qualified Appointments in 60 Days With Outsourced Sales Development Team


Software Development

80 Qualified Appointments and a 74.3% Booking Rate


Software Development

22 Qualified Appointments in Just 90 Days


Software Development

15 Qualified Appointments & a 28% Booking Rate in 90 Days


Strategic Acquisitions & Sales

22 Appointments With High-Quality Prospects in 90

Smash My Trash

Environmental Services

Generated a 40% Booking Rate in Just 4 Months

Crabapple Martial Arts

Martial Arts School

Booked 60 Introductory Lessons With New Students and a 64.23% Booking Rate in 90 Days

Safeguard Technology

Public Safety

Generated 23 Appointments With Quality Prospects in 90 Days

You could be our next success story.

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We are not the only people who consider us experts.

LinkedSelling is recognized as the leading expert in the world when it comes to growing your business using LinkedIn, ads, email and dialing campaigns. Since 2010 we've developed & refined the relationship-focused lead generation system that we have now implemented for thousands of clients in just about every industry you can think of.

Our clients have generated over $1 billion dollars in new revenue from the leads attributed to our system.

We've shaken up the industry and the world has noticed. Here's some of the recognition we've received:

  • An Inc. 5000 company four years in a row
  • An Entrepreneur 360 company two years in a row
  • Featured in over 40 major publications and books
  • One WSJ best-selling book
  • Two Amazon best-selling books
  • A STL Small Business Monthly Future50 company
  • Top 30 most inspirational entrepreneur by InsightSuccess
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