Stop Ignoring LinkedIn’s Profile Views Analytics

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“Viewing someone’s profile is the sincerest form of flattery”

Or…something like that.

If you pay any attention to your LinkedIn account, you’ve most likely noticed those little notifications that say “18 people viewed your profile.” Like most people, you probably click to see who was interested in what you offer, what you had to say, or maybe your super snazzy profile picture.

After the initial little ego boost though….What do you do with the people behind those profile views?

If your answer is ‘nothing’, you should probably check out these 5 steps for turning profile views into hot leads.

Other than seeing the faces and titles of those who stopped by for a visit, the Who’s Viewed Your Profile section of LinkedIn offers some pretty useful information.

Demographics of Your Profile Views


After selecting who’s viewed your profile, you’ll see something like the above screenshot. When you click on the 2nd or 3rd tab above the chart, you can learn a little more about the people behind your profile views.

The 2nd tab will show the top companies that your visitors work at and the cities in which they live.

by company

The 3rd tab displays the titles and industries of your visitors.

by title

If you click on any of these demographics, LinkedIn filters out all the profile views that don’t fit in this category. This is extremely useful in narrowing your profile views down to those that fit YOUR ideal prospect profile.

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Who’s Viewed Your Posts

If you’re not taking advantage of the published posts feature on your LinkedIn profile, you should consider getting started. This can be a huge generator of profile views!

A great way to see if your writing efforts are successful, is to take a look at the Who’s viewed your posts section. On this page, you can see how many page views, likes, comments, and shares you’ve received for each individual post you’ve written.

by post

You can also see WHO has been engaging with your posts. LinkedIn provides information on the top industries, job titles, locations, and traffic sources of your readers. Again, you can click on any of these demographics to sort the profiles listed below.

These people have actually engaged with one of your articles by either commenting, liking or sharing. By default, they’re probably going to be warmer than someone who just took a gander and then left. Engage with them!

Not sure how? Take advantage of these 5 steps to convert your profile views into hot leads.

Benefits of Paying Attention to Your Profile Views

One of the most important uses for these analytics is that they show you what is working and what isn’t. If you monitor these dashboards regularly, you’ll begin to notice spikes in profile views and engagement.

Did you publish a post on an industry related topic that day? Did you share status updates and articles more frequently that week? Find what works for you and your ideal prospects, and do more of it!

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Something about your profile caught their eye. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with them! Turn these profile views into actual conversations and leads.

Do you have any awesome success stories using the Who's Viewed Your Profile analytics? Share it with us in the comments!


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