The Message You Should Be Sending To Cold Prospects and Why Your Current Message Sucks

Posted by Ben Kniffen in Uncategorized

Pretty much every company has some sort of stock sales material they forward to prospects who inquire about their services.

And that's a good thing.

But where it goes wrong is when sales people send these materials to cold prospects upon discovery.

How many times have you received a random email from someone who just attaches their promotional material and leaves it at that? It’s a pretty common occurrence. There’s no attempt to get to know you, your pain points, or your business. There’s no attempt at anything other than to just send an email with their promotional material attached.

So the real question is do you ever respond to their email?

Of course you don’t respond to it. Why? Because you don’t care about it.

So if YOU always delete those promotional messages why would your cold prospects behave any differently?

Is your promotional material so amazing and compelling that it defies the basic psychology of how people respond to overly salesy and promotional emails from people they don’t know?

The routine of simply copying your sales pitch in an email and sending it to a cold prospect does not cut it anymore.

It probably never did cut it. Either way, if you want to turn cold prospects into warm leads, you are going to have to do better with the message you send to those prospects.

Sending that stock sales pitch email says, “I don’t care who you are. I don’t care about your business. I don’t care enough about you to try and get to know you.” Is that the message you want to send your prospects?

Hopefully you answered “No.” If so now comes the difficult task of how to communicate the message you want to send. “I care you who are. I care about your business. I care enough to get to know you before we do business together.”

This doesn’t mean you need to first take your prospects out on a date, but it does mean your emails and other marketing messages need a new approach. Gone are the days of saying, “Here I am. This is what I do. Call me,” in your marketing messages.

Now is the time for being there. Now is the time for providing benefit in everything you do. Now is the time for asking questions, “What does your business do? What are you struggling with? How can I help?”

You need to be aware of the fact that a prospect may not need your help at the moment you talk with them but that doesn’t mean you should just ditch them on the side of the road.

Keeping up with your prospects shows them that you care, even though there is no business for you at that time. But when there is a need for your services you’ll be the first one you think of because you showed you care.

When you email a cold prospect for the first time, think about asking for a call to just talk about business and get to know each other. When you do get that call, leave your sales pitch out of the conversation. There will be plenty of time to talk about what you do but you shouldn’t go into a first-time call with a prospect, guns blazing, ready to launch into your pitch after you say hello.

If you can have a message that shows you care then your prospects will care as well. They’ll care enough to give you their business.