The Truth About LinkedIn Marketing

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LinkedIn Marketing for Business

If you're living a healthy life, is there just ONE thing that it takes?

Can you JUST exercise regularly?

Can you JUST eat right?

Can you JUST take time away from work to refresh?

Can you JUST make sure that you're making family a top priority?


To live a truly healthy life, you have to take care of ALL of those things and more.

It's no different with marketing your business.

Can you JUST develop great content on your website?

Can you JUST do pay-per-click advertising?

Can you JUST do SEO?

Can you ONLY invest in your LinkedIn marketing campaign?

Can you SOLELY rely on webinars?

Can you put all of your eggs into local networking?

For the vast majority of us, the answer is clearly no.

To have a healthy and effective marketing SYSTEM that generates consistent leads, you have to do a number of things well.

You have to have an eye for the short-term and the long-term. Investing in marketing activities that satisfy both.

Our best clients understand this.

They have a great value proposition, which easily translates into a powerful “Call to Action” that allows them to convert prospects from various marketing channels.

They know that content in the form of blog posts, webinars, newsletters, and the like are an essential component of moving prospects from cold to warm.

They know that LinkedIn marketing can leverage their brand and content to build communities of raving fans.

But they also usually have a few other strategies as part of the mix.

Take my business for example.

LinkedIn marketing represents the biggest ROI for us. But that is because it's so well integrated into everything else we do.

We have great relationships in the local community. These are reinforced by our activity on LinkedIn.

We host regular webinars and are often invited as guests for webinars and speaking engagements hosted by other organizations. Our LinkedIn efforts build buzz and drive traffic to these online and offline events.

We work hard to create compelling content, and LinkedIn is a major part of our distribution strategy for this content.

We also actively work on SEO.

Our email newsletter reaches thousands, and allows us to build an even greater relationship with a great community of professionals.

It all works together. But clearly none of it works on its own.

So, if you are thinking of taking LinkedIn more seriously, that's fantastic.

Just be sure you are looking at your marketing plans holistically.

It's a WHOLE LIFE, for marketing too.

LinkedIn for Small BusinessA great mentor of mine once told me, “It's a whole life.”

What he meant by that is that you have to take care of business, family, health, spirituality, etc. You can't ignore any one of them.

If you take that same approach to your marketing efforts, then LinkedIn can absolutely play a big part in your success.

But it does not operate in a silo.

If you aren't committed to building a healthy, holistic marketing system then the results you get from LinkedIn will not be as great as they could otherwise be.


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  • I was able to generate 4 sales leads in 5 days. That means the success rate is 80%. 🙂

    My way to do it is very simple.

    Develop a great profile, prepare a blog to position yourself, learn Dale Carnegie’s How to win friends and influence people (communication skills), go out and socialize. That’s it!