There’s Already a LinkedIn Group For That. Now What?

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LinkedIn Marketing Campaign Case Study

LinkedIn Marketing Campaign Case StudyWell, there is already a group that caters to my industry or ideal prospects, so now what should I do?

We get that question often.

Our response?  Create the group that will best attract your ideal prospect, regardless of whether a similar group already exists.

Why You Should Not Delay Launching Your LinkedIn Group

It's an interesting phenomenon.  People intuitively feel that they can't start a group that is similar to one that already exists.

While it is true that your group should strive to be unique in some ways, there is absolutely no reason why you should delay your LinkedIn  marketing plans because somebody else is doing something similar.

That's like a marketing expert saying, well there is already a blog about marketing so I can't start a new one.  Obviously there is plenty of room on the internet for all sorts of marketing blogs that feature the unique expertise of the person or company behind them.

The Market For LinkedIn Groups is Wide Open

I believe that LinkedIn is no different.  In the grand scheme, LinkedIn is wide open for almost any new group to grow and prosper, becoming a tremendous marketing platform for your business.

There are likely tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of prospects on LinkedIn that fit your ideal client profile.  How many of them might be interested in your group?  How many are already a part of a similar group?  I think you will see that the pie is big, and largely untapped.

Start your group.  There is a ridiculous amount of opportunity that awaits you.