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We Can Help. Cut Out The Trial & Error
With The LinkedSelling Platinum Community.

You Are NOT Alone! We know exactly what it’s like to be on your own, trying to figure everything out, but you don’t have to go through that anymore. LinkedSelling Platinum is an online, active mastermind community designed to help you stop the overwhelm, break through barriers, find constant support, and rub shoulders with business owners just like you.

Is This Right For You?

Fair Question! The LinkedSelling Platinum community is not for everybody. Here's how you can make sure that this community of collaboration, support, and training is right for you and your business:

Linked Platinum is a great fit for you IF:

  • You have a business and you want to bounce ideas off of others
  • You value continual learning and are open to new ideas
  • You value collaboration and growth
  • You want to make maximum use of your time and find ways to breakthrough barriers
  • You’re inspired by your goals and seeing others accomplish theirs.

Linked Platinum is NOT for you IF:

  • You’re OK with staying stuck
  • You prefer to isolate yourself and reinvent the wheel every time
  • You’re not interested in learning new techniques about marketing, lead generation, business planning, mindset, PR and more...
  • You’re fine with where your business is currently
  • You not interested in ongoing support, collaboration, or advanced business strategies, tools, and resources.

This is how we help

What makes us different



You have the opportunity to rub shoulders with business owners who are either experiencing the exact same struggles as you, or who have already moved past them. Network, find partners, share resources, and grow your business.


Support and Accountability

With you Platinum membership, you have a direct line to the LinkedSelling training and support team for ANYTHING that you need help with in your business. Look forward to question and answer session weekly.


Tactical Workshops

With live, biweekly workshops, you’ll find that NO topic is out of bounds. We cover marketing strategies that have been successful for us and our clients, how to hire the right team, program/product development, getting more PR, operational improvements and everything under the sun that a business owner needs help with.


Focused Growth

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. We share with you what’s working NOW, plus you have access to our Resources Guide, a directory of all Platinum members, tactics, training, and more, all designed to keep you focused on one thing: growing your business.

And don’t just take our word for it!

Ready to Join Our Private Mastermind Community and Explode Your Business?

If you're interested in learning tactical marketing and business strategies, staying top of your game month after month, and rubbing shoulders with other businesses just like you, click below to become a Platinum Member today!

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Let's Break This Down

Here’s what you get:

24/7 access to LinkedSelling Staff, other Platinum Members, special guest coaches, and more in the LinkedSelling Platinum Community.Value: $197/mo
Biweekly workshops with the LinkedSelling team on all things business related.Value: $197/mo
Bonus trainings, networking opportunities and the highest level of engagement to get training and feedback on all things related to your business.Value: $297/mo
Q&A opportunities week after week to help you get unstuck and advance your business.Value: $147/mo
Access to a member directory for collaboration, networking, referral partner and morePriceless
Our updated Resources Guide. Use this as an index for any topic you have questions about.Value: $97/mo
TOTAL VALUE Of Everything You Get$935/mo
Your InvestmentOnly $95/mo

Still not convinced

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