The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Webinar on LinkedIn: How to Add Hundreds of Registrants from Your LinkedIn Groups (for Free!) {Part 2 of 5}

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This is second installment in our five part webinar marketing series:
The Definitive Guide to Marketing Webinars on LinkedIn.

It’s hard enough putting together a quality webinar, but then you’ve got to go out and actually get people to attend.

The hits just keep on coming…

In part one of the Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Webinar on LinkedIn, I  discussed how to best use Sponsored Updates to get webinar registrants.

Here in part two of our guide, I will be breaking down a tactic that will cost you absolutely nothing, and won’t cause too much of a mental sweat either.

And the best part – it can significantly increase your conversion rate – again at ZERO monetary cost.

You are probably thinking, “This sounds too good to be true? And you're just going to give this info away to me?”

Yes we are.

Consider it our good deed for the week.

And what is this tactic you ask?

Sending personalized invite messages to targeted prospects through your LinkedIn groups.

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to do this with the highest probability of success.

Who is my quintessential man (or woman)?

This is the first thing you need to clarify:

Who is your ideal prospect for your webinar? Who will benefit the most from the information you are providing?

Think about job titles, geographic locations, keywords, publications they read, and any other distinguishing characteristics of your target audience.

Hopefully, you had this in mind when creating your webinar, and if you didn’t, you may need to go back to square one.

Once you have your ideal prospect in mind, you can move onto the next step.

Stalk ‘em

Not literally – because a restraining order won’t give you the kind of attention you are looking for.

What I mean here, is that you need to hang out in the places where your prospects are hanging out online.

On LinkedIn, this really means one thing – join the LinkedIn groups that your prospects are in.

Any professional or even geographic-based group is a great way to find your prospects.

Are you selling software to CIO’s and IT Directors? Well yopat1u are in luck because there are thousands of those groups with hordes of people in them who would be a perfect fit for your webinar.

Some of these groups need manager approval to join, but you’ll easily be able to get into enough of these groups to hit up more great people than you can count.

Once you share a group with someone, you are allowed to message them regardless of their connection to you – they could be a 2nd-degree connection, 3rd-degree connection, or “Everything Else.”

We have got to talk

And now for the goods.

How do you reach out and actually individually message these people you share a group with?

  1. Visit the group you want to hit.
  1. Click on the listed number of members in the upper-right hand corner.pat2
  1. Enter your search term to find the LinkedIn profiles of your ideal prospects.

TIP: You’ll want to test a few different search terms and use some other search tricks to find profiles based on job titles, location, keywords, and any other distinguishing characteristics you can find in a LinkedIn profile.

  1. Draft a message you’d like to send these ideal prospects about your upcoming webinar.

Tip: Keep it casual and not too spammy. This is a social media site, so your message should follow suit. How would you tell a friend about this training event or webinar? Write your script in a friendly, conversational tone, but still give a little information about the benefits they’ll get by joining your webinar.

  1. Click the Message button below the prospect's profile, and enter in your script.pat3

TIP: If you are copying and pasting a script you should still personalize each message with at the very least your prospect’s first name.pat4

I’m not going to lie to you: This tactic takes some time to reach an amount of prospects that will give you a big bottom-line result, but this personal approach is proactive, FREE, and best of all – extremely effective.

We have had clients see an over 200% increase on webinar opt-ins through this method over some other promotion techniques.

Let us know your thoughts on this approach and feel free to shoot us over any questions you might have about increasing your conversions through messaging in  LinkedIn groups.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of The Definitive Guide to Marketing Webinars on LinkedIn: How to Get Your First Degree Connections to Attend Your Webinar