What The Best Sales People Are Doing

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The best sales people are engaging customers even before the purchase journey starts.

The place they’re increasingly going to do this are social networks. They’re positioning themselves as trusted advisors by helping people in the learning phase of the purchase journey, to learn about new opportunities and think through ideas.

Salesman of the Month
Yes. This is a real thing.

They are disseminating as much information that is “other people’s stuff” as they do stuff that is about their business.

By occasionally sprinkling in an insight that teaches a customer into their sales funnel….

….they earn the image of trusted advisor.

It’s a totally new way of engaging with customers, and social media has made it possible. We find that the best salespeople are taking advantage of this in unique and powerful ways.”

– Matthew Dixon, Corporate Executive Board's Sales Executive Council, March 2013

What more needs to be said.