Insiders Look: Building Social Media Ads
That Drive Leads & Sales

...from start to finish, we'll show you exactly how we create, develop and manage effective social media ads.

You Are Going To Discover....

  • How to leverage targeted online marketing and the “social appointment system” to create a flow of leads that can support a much bigger and faster-growing sales and client enrollment process.
  • A never-before-seen look underneath the hood of this exact system we use for our clients and why it’s essential to implement if you're looking for consistency in your pipeline.
  • The 4-pillar campaign to drive higher-quality appointments and a lower cost-per-lead.
  • The unique mechanisms within these campaigns that keep our sales team’s calendar booked full each month.
  • The #1 thing that 8 out of 10 Facebook campaigns get WRONG and results in massive losses.
  • How to spy on your competitor's marketing and use that info to differentiate yourself.
  • Plus multiple case studies from clients getting incredible results with this system from Facebook & LinkedIn (even after all the "gurus" have declared it too expensive)

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