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With the LinkedSelling Rocket Launch

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Consider This Your Quick Start To Better Leads

The LinkedSellingRocket Launch is a hybrid between our full agency services and our training and coaching programs, designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about getting results as quickly as possible.

It's your fast-track to success when you want to optimize your time and money and get real results as quickly as possible.

Where you’ll have a rockin’ lead generation system completely set up for you, ready for you to just maintain it and keep the system running in less than 30 minutes a day...

Where we arm you with all the training and everything you need to ensure ongoing success...

AND where you get 6-months access to a premium tool so you can take even more of the heavy lifting off your shoulders and automate your email follow-up campaigns, continually nurturing your prospects and driving them to book an appointment with you.

In short...

This Rocket Has 3 Core Growth Engines

Done-For-You System Lift Off

To see out-of-this-world results, you need a solid foundation for your lead gen system. We’ll take the hard work off your shoulders and set it up for you, ready for you to lift off and just keep it running. As a result you'll have a conversion-focused presence on LinkedIn and a custom built database of hundreds of your top prospects.

Guided Training & Ongoing Support

With lifetime access to exclusive training, you’ll learn how to fuel the system and leverage your database of high-value prospects for your lead generation campaigns to actually get your prospects into appointments. Includes daily activity plans, checklists, & unlimited email support from our team of battle-tested coaches.

Automation For Prospect Follow-Up

Soar higher with our premium email automation software - Connect 365. Proven to get a higher response rate, you’ll not only build relationships with your prospects, you’ll automate and send follow-up emails in bulk - personal emails that look exactly like you manually typed out every single one and emails that actually get opened.

Okay, that sounds good, but will this work for me?
Let's find out! Through a combination of done-for-you services, guided instruction, and automation software, The LinkedSelling Rocket Launch will give you the keys to the following system, step by step...


The Foundation.

You start here, where you optimize your profile, research your KEY prospects and build a database of hundreds or thousands of prime connections. (We’ll take care of this for you.)


Prospect Outreach.

From there you send strategic messaging campaigns that warm up your prospects and lead them to a sales appointment with you. (We'll show you exactly what to do.)


Frequent Follow-Up.

Finally, you build trust and authority by staying top-of-mind, so that when your leads are ready, YOU are the one they turn to. (We'll give you the tools to automate this.)

Client Successes

Dan Demers - Consulting

Within WEEKS, I closed multiple 5-figure contracts. As a result of Josh's system, I have quadrupled our business and am scaling for the next year.

Noah Cohen - Manufacturing

We started getting leads that you're not going to find doing Google searches or calling secretaries. They're not going to let you in the door. And as a result of that it has brought us close to $20 million in revenue.

Karla Leonard- Finance

I have been using this system for over a works! Josh is absolutely right… just closed a $900,000 deal. Recently had a connection that we are working on....a million dollar deal!

Wait! You Should Know...

The LinkedSelling Rocket Launch does require personal attention and work from our agency, so unfortunately, we can only accept a limited number of Rocket Launch clients at a time. We also want to ensure the best results possible, so in order to make sure your business is a good fit for this, you’ll need to apply. 

Note that you will NOT be a good fit if you are not fully committed to increasing revenue and growing your business, because you will probably not be committed to maintaining the set-up work we’ve done for you - wasting both your time and ours.

However, if you ARE committed, and you want to seriously fast-track your results, saving you time and money in trial and error, click the button below to apply now.

*Only 10 Spots Available*

How Does the Application Process Work?

Just click the “Apply Now” button and book an appointment with one of our Client Strategists who will walk you through the Rocket Launch, answer any of your questions, and make sure you’re a good fit.

From there, you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll answer a few basic questions about your business to help our team prepare for the session.

Are You Ready To Fast Track Your Lead Generation?

Many people will see this opportunity and jump on it immediately. Others will want the LinkedSelling Rocket Launch, but hesitate. And it's okay if you don't take us up on this offer. It might not be for you.

But don't let hesitation keep you from taking some action. Business owners who try and 'ignore' the problem all end up in a similar spot...

... they stay exactly where they’re at currently. 

And they stay there for years… just trying to “figure stuff out.”

But because you’re still reading, that tells us you are interested in getting real results. So just remember this: if you want a return on anything, it requires investment - whether that’s time or money…

And this is true for everything - from learning a new skill to becoming a better parent to growing your business.

Think about it... when you have us set up your lead gen system for you, you could be making money faster, which really means that by spending time trying to figure stuff out, you’re losing money. It all depends on what you really want.

If you have more questions about the LinkedSelling Rocket Launch, just hit the “Apply Now” button and you can ask all of your questions on the call. One of our Client Strategists will help you make a decision and determine if the LinkedSelling Rocket Launch is right for you.

Make A Change. Apply Now.

If you’re truly serious about getting more high-value leads and quickly, the LinkedSelling Rocket Launch will not only save you time, money, and hassle, it will set you up for success so you can hit light speed! 

Click Below To Apply For Your LinkedSelling Rocket Launch!

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