FRee Sessions That Sell By Christian Mickelsen & FutureForce

Registration is now open for the #1 best-selling program that makes getting clients an easy-to-follow, step-by-step formula. It’s called…

Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign Up System

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Open enrollment happens only once a year and for just a few days.

And just to prove how firmly I believe in this, as well as the efficacy of “Free Sessions that Sell”, I’ve partnered with him to bring you several bonuses, in addition to everything else you get in his program.

The bonuses I’ll provide are designed to help you get leads into your pipeline, and then using with Christian’s program in a 1-2 combo punch, close more clients. Here they are:

Bonus #1: LinkedSelling Sales Conversion Kit ( valued at $495)
You’ll get professionally designed templates for the impact sales collateral that will help you close more deals. Along with your easily editable templates, you’ll receive exclusive training that gives examples of how we’ve used this same material to convert more of our prospects into clients.

Within the Sales Conversion Kit, you’ll have templates for your Sales Presentation Slide Deck, Sales Objection Flashcards to guide you through the best process to handle any sales objection, Client Case Study template to ease your case study creation process, and a 1-Pager Template to sell your program or service. All of these templates have been battle-tested and aided in the conversion of millions in sales revenue.

Bonus #3: LinkedIn Profile Optimization Workshop (valued at $897)
To help you kickstart your LinkedIn Marketing, we’re including a special, one-time bonus for new buyers of Free Sessions that Sell from our link.

We’ll be including a premium training exclusively for our buyers where you can submit your LinkedIn profile for an expert review from our team.

In the sales world these days, you can bet your bottom dollar that your prospects are looking you up online before your call. Without an optimized LinkedIn profile, you run the risk of wasting your first impression - which as we all know can make or break the future relationship.

DO NOT leave it to chance!

There is more than one way to grow a business, but the BEST way to close more clients via appointments is in Christian’s program...

And remember, this is NOT just about getting more clients to sign up on your calls. This is about creating the business and the life you want to live.

Dominating and mastering the types of sessions that Christian talks about is hands-down THE best way I know of to make your goals a reality.

It’s your choice, but you have limited time to decide. This is the future of your business - and let’s face it, your life that we’re talking about.


Founder & CEO of LinkedSelling and "Free Sessions That Sell" Member