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Our Clients

Who we work with & why leading companies hire us.

We work with B2B companies ranging from SMB all the way up to Fortune 500, and we have unique strategies for each. 

Many of our clients count on us to generate their entire quota for “sales qualified leads” while others count us as just one of many lead sources that keep their team productive. Different businesses, teams, and sales cycles require different approaches. This is why it is more important than ever to have a team of appointment generation experts on your side.

No longer these days can you rely on a single channel for all of your sales development goals.

Buyers have evolved. And your outreach approach needs to as well. By implementing a multi-channel and multi-touch approach, you'll meet your prospects on their level. 

We partner directly with your marketing and sales ops teams on a day-to-day basis to make sure all activities are aligned and we are all marching in a direction that will aid you in meeting your growth goals. Our clients see us as a natural extension of their team because that’s what we are.

want more sales appointments with qualified leads?

Let your sales team do what they do best... sell.

We have different solutions that help businesses of all sizes get more leads and sales appointments for their sales team, filling your pipeline with amazing sales opportunities. But in order to help you discover which would really be the right solution for your business, we need to talk.

A little proof

We are not the only people who consider us experts.

Who are we and why should you trust that we know what we are doing?

Founded by, Wall Street Journal bestselling author & CEO, Josh Turner and President, Ben Kniffen, we at LinkedSelling are recognized as the leading expert in the world when it comes to growing your business using LinkedIn, email and dialing campaigns. Since 2010 we've developed & refined the relationship-focused lead generation system that we have now implemented for thousands of clients in just about every industry you can think of.

Our clients have generated over $1 billion dollars in new revenue from the leads attributed to our system.

We've shaken up the industry and the world has noticed. Here's some of the recognition we've received:

  • An Inc. 5000 company four years in a row
  • An Entrepreneur 360 company two years in a row
  • Featured in over 40 major publications and books
  • One WSJ best-selling book
  • Two Amazon best-selling books
  • A STL Small Business Monthly Future50 company
  • Top 30 most inspirational entrepreneur by InsightSuccess
Our Core Values

How we believe business should be done.


Growing means never being completely satisfied with where you are, but instead on where you are going. There’s always room for improvement. We are always on the lookout for the ‘next big idea’ and the newest strategies to help our clients grow their businesses. To stay at the top, we’re always grinding, always searching, and always moving forward.

The Best.

We don’t want to be good at what we do. We want to be the BEST, and we strive to obtain that. But we know nothing is ever truly “the best.” Each and every aspect of a process can be improved. We hold ourselves to that standard of constant improvement to better ourselves and our systems..


Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Our emphasis on accountability and results, positions as a team, and as individuals, that you can rely on, when it’s all on the line.

Give a Shit.

It matters. Our clients matter. Our team members matter. The future of LinkedSelling matters. We want to break the mold. We don’t stand for BS and we’ll always shoot our team members, clients, and partners straight. The reason we don’t feel the need to rely on the typical “Tell them what they want to hear...” attitude is because we CARE. Simply put, if you’re actually happy, we’re happy. And we like being happy! So whether it is for our clients or our team, you better believe we are going to bust our asses to make sure every aspect of what we do is top-notch.


There is strength in numbers. Whether it is in our collaboration with clients & partners or the support we provide for each other, we are Linked. We know that 2 >1. And in order to achieve success, we need to complement each other to reach our common goals. Clients…partners…team members. We are all in this together.

We’ll bust our asses, but also have more fun than anyone else while doing it. Our wins and losses are felt collectively. And regardless of the relationship, we work together to push all who are around us to get the best results possible and achieve their max potential.


Things change. Shifts happen. Especially in today’s market. We constantly stay on our toes and work creatively in order to keep up. Our flexibility to incorporate the latest tools and strategies means we will never fall behind.

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