Do You Believe That Building a Business Requires Tenacity, Trial-and-Error, and Focus on ROI?

We do. We believe that through collaboration, testing, optimization, and detailed tracking, a business can generate quality leads, and impact through marketing.

If you or someone you know enjoys internet marketing, strategy, and research and would love the opportunity to learn and teach businesses to improve their bottom line, please read on or share this.


This is not a sales position. Campaign Managers manage our client accounts and do the ongoing work on their marketing campaigns. You will help companies generate leads and increase sales using LinkedIn lead generation campaigns, outbound email marketing, content marketing and creating new strategies for getting results.


  • Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy  – Researching the current best practices in digital and social marketing to implement on your clients’ campaigns
  • Campaign Workflow/Activity – Research and post content for clients, grow client LinkedIn groups, manage client LinkedIn profiles, research clients’ industries, client community management, write scripts, send direct messaging campaigns using LinkedIn and email.
  • Data Management – Track leads for clients, track clients’ LinkedIn contacts, track clients’ group and connection growth, review data for messaging campaigns and monitor for changes needed, produce accurate internal reports of client progress
  • Client Education and Coaching – Phone and email interaction, proactively identify clients’ needs, provide training/coaching/support to clients throughout campaigns, provide lead-nurturing advice and sales tips as needed, and strategize with clients on best practices and optimization.
  • Creative Problem Solving – Skills in assessing a problem, identifying possible causes, and pro-active implementation of solutions.


  • Generally Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00, we allow some flexibility.
  • Our home base is located in the St. Louis region but this position can be performed remotely, requiring a secure & reliable internet connection


  • Negotiable, depending on experience.
  • Vacation, holiday, and personal time.
  • Additional compensation for more accounts you can manage.
  • Insurance available after 90 days of employment


The ideal candidate will love learning about new developments in social media & digital marketing, intellectual growth, and being part of a dynamic and fast-paced team. You’ll go above and beyond to meet your customer’s needs & serve as a coach to your clients on how to best optimize their campaigns. The ideal candidate is both results oriented, thriving in an environment where the bar is set high and goals are achieved, as well as strategic, with a desire to devise new and creative solutions to implement on marketing campaigns. Successful Campaign Managers are organized, able to take information from multiple sources and succinctly distill it into our proprietary tracking systems. The ideal candidate will have an aptitude for analyzing data to review and check details to ensure that each campaign is optimized. Strong verbal and written communications are a must, both for clearly articulating your goals to the client, as well as building trust and rapport and for writing successful copy for direct marketing campaigns. Self-management is key, knowing how to prioritize time and activities to get the most impact from the activities performed as well as follow-through, finishing that which is started will truly make the account manager successful in this position.


  • Excellent computer skills – Internet applications (google docs, feedly, social media & associated apps), MS Office, database management, etc.
  • Strong written communication skills.
  • Customer service experience required
  • Verifiable references.

If after reading all of this, you still think you’re a good fit to work with us then click here to fill out the application and apply!