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The Trust Equation

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About LinkedSelling & Josh Turner

Hello, I’m Josh Turner, Wall Street Journal bestselling author. I’m also the founder and CEO of LinkedSelling, the world’s foremost lead generation company. We’ve been honored to be an Inc. 500 company 2 years in a row, as well as an Entrepreneur 360 company.

Early in my career, I was part of two amazing and very successful companies, but I saw them both fail, simply because they couldn’t generate enough steady business. I resolved to never live through that again. I needed a system to grow business consistently and keep cash flow steady. The Appointment Generator is the result. It’s since become my mission to provide small business owners with a proven system that would erase the struggle to generate leads.

Too many businesses are forced to close their doors, but I believe that small business owners are the future and that you deserve better. That’s why I’m sharing my system with you.

What you’ll learn in this workshop series comes from personal experience in growing my business from $0 to multiple seven figures in just a few years, as well as from the thousands of successful stories from clients and students who’ve applied the same system consistently to generate high-quality leads every month, resulting in hundreds of millions in revenue.

Be sure to watch the training videos to learn how you can use this system to bring in a consistent stream of leads and high-ticket clients.

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- Josh Turner & The LinkedSelling Team