3 Things You Can Do to Generate Leads with LinkedIn Posts

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Ever since LinkedIn released their publishing platform, people have been asking…

What should I be doing to utilize this?

What “this” is really even supposed to be called is up for discussion.

In their help section, LinkedIn calls it “Long-Form Posts.”   In other places, they're called just Posts.  Sometimes they're called LinkedIn Articles.

It's all the same, and it doesn't really matter.  What matters is what you should be doing with it.

1. For starters, USE IT!

The SEO value alone should give you enough reason to get on it.

LinkedIn's domain authority is very high.  Their SEO juice is way higher than yours, chances are.

Now, I'm not saying to abandon your blog.  But if you use it strategically, LinkedIn's publishing platform could be a great compliment to your existing content marketing efforts.

Aside from that, every time you publish a new “post” on LinkedIn, all of your 1st degree connections are notified.  It's a great way to make more touches with every person in your network.

2. End every post with a Call to Action

Unless you're just writing for the sake of writing, think about what your primary objective is for every piece of content.

Is it to generate more leads?  Great!

In that case, end your post with a call to action such as:

“If you think this process might work for you, we'd love to hear from you! Please visit our site at yoursite.com/contact and let us know how we can help!”


“I specialize in working with companies just like yours.  If you'd like to talk, feel free to reach out via email (your email) or phone (your phone).”

It doesn't have to be anything too complex.  But always end with some sort of next step!!

3. Promote Other Content and Funnels

Take this post for example.

Onward MagazineYou'll see how I reference our online magazine Onward and even include a little graphic/badge.  Yep, some people will click it!

And some of those people will subscribe to Onward.

So while it's not generating a red-hot sales qualified lead, I am getting prospects onto our email list and deeper into our funnel.

Don't have your own magazine? No worries.

You can do the same thing with virtually any content that requires an opt-in.  Webinars, white papers, video series, you name it.


This list could really go on and on. And depending on what kind of content you're publishing on LinkedIn, the strategy for your might be slightly different.  I'd love to hear what's working for you!? Let me know in the comments!