What’s the Deal with Hashtags on LinkedIn… And Why You Need to Start Using Them Today

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You may already be using hashtags… but are you using them on LinkedIn? LinkedIn originally started supporting hashtags in 2013, but then quit after a mild response. However, once they realized more and more users were still using them (even though they weren’t even supported), they began to bring them back. LinkedIn now supports hashtags […]

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How to Take Advantage of B2C Marketing Lessons in Your B2B Campaigns

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For years conventional wisdom has been that B2B and B2C marketing require completely different approaches. The thinking goes: the audience and context is different, therefore, your approach needs to be different. B2C marketing campaigns need to appeal more to the emotional side. B2B the more logical side. B2C needs to be fun, entertaining, memorable. B2B […]

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Three Ways Most Sales and Marketing Teams Waste Quality Sales Opportunities

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It seems a never-ending battle, doesn’t it? The push and shove between marketing and sales… One side says they don’t have enough leads (or the leads are bad) and the other side says you’re lucky to have leads hand-delivered to you! Why the disconnect? It’s like two siblings arguing over the same thing. The answer […]

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Use LinkedIn to Get Past Gatekeepers and Close Big Accounts

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What if we told you, that your next client could be Google, or Microsoft, Amazon, Visa or Coca-Cola… would you believe us? You might ask… “How is that possible?” Or “Where would I even start?” In the “old days”, if you wanted to speak to somebody at a big company… You’d have to talk through […]

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