8 Time-Saving Tools We Love at LinkedSelling

Posted by Josh Turner in Entrepreneurship

When you’re involved in running a company, there’s no shortage of things to do and there are never enough hours in the day to do them all. Which is why you really have to safeguard how you use the time you do have to reach maximum productivity.  

Here at LinkedSelling like many other businesses, we use technology as much as possible. We’ve tried out just about everything, and today I’m here to share with you just a few of our favorite software and tools that we use to save time, streamline processes, and just to make things easier and less tedious.

Before we dive into them though, here are a few rules to remember when choosing what to automate…

Choose Wisely: Rules for Choosing a New Technology

Rule #1: Determine what you’re best at – streamline, automate, or outsource the rest.

Rule #2: Ask yourself, is this a repeatable task? If so, automation is probably a good solution to look into.

Rule #3: Is this tool intuitive and simple to use? If it is, great! You’ll probably get more use out of it and it will probably save you time. If not, you’ll spend too much time figuring it out and probably push it to the backburner.

Now that you’ve got those rules in mind, let’s dive into the tools that fit those criteria for us. Keep these handy tools in your back pocket – you might use them more than you’d think.

1. Share Link Generator

In today’s world of content marketing, you invest time and money into creating good content and you want to distribute it on social media post.

One of the easiest ways to do that is simply by making it easy for people to share. Share Link Generator is a nifty little tool that will simplify the shareability of your content by letting your audience share your posts across all their social media with the click of one button.

Just pick the platform you want them to share it in and enter the link you want to share. In return, you get a “share link” that makes it super easy for your reader to share.

Bonus: If you need help curating content for social media posts, check out Emphatic to get your social media posting handled by U.S.-based professional writers and editors.

Here’s what the LinkedIn share link looks like from a recent blog post of ours:

Here’s what the Facebook share link looks like:


With Share Link Generator you can customize the message that your audience will share if they use your link.

2. Canva

We love how easy it is to design beautiful layouts – even if you’re not a designer! Canva is a platform that simplifies design and comes with tons of easy-to-use templates.

No need to spend hours trying to learn complicated design programs – with Canva you stick to simple and what’s important. But – word of warning, like anything else, if you’re a perfectionist you can lose a lot of time trying to make something perfect. If design isn’t your strong suite, stick to the templates and you’ll be happy with the images you create.

3. Promo

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to produce quality video content or ads! Promo makes it easy to do with a few clicks of a button. Like Canva, stick to the templates and you’ll be happy with the results.

Bonus: Alternatively, we recommend instantly turn your blog posts into video content with Lumen5, another great way to make video and repurpose your content.

4. GetProspect

If you’ve taken our 5-day sales automation bootcamp, where we explain exactly how to use GetProspect, you know what a great tool this is. It will easily give you a list of emails and contacts you can then automate to send outreach and follow-up emails to, nurturing your leads and driving them to book appointments with you.

Bonus: In the 5-Day bootcamp we teach you how to build your list, automation outreach and follow-up, and even how you can get an additional 100 FREE contacts with GetProspect. If you are interested in learning how we recommend using it, register for the 5-Day Create Your Automated Sales Process Bootcamp today.

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5. Rev.com

Ever wished you had a reliable, quick way to transcribe a video? Want to publish a phone interview as a blog post? Need to transcribe your sales conversation for a sales script or to train a new sales hire?

Don’t waste hours doing it yourself.

Rev is our go-to for quick, quality transcriptions at a good rate. It’s a simple process to start and you’ll get transcriptions that are fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

6. ScheduleOnce

This is a new favorite! As a company that is constantly scheduling phone calls and sales appointments, a question we get asked all the time is about scheduling tools. ScheduleOnce makes it easy, keeps everything in sync with the website, emails, and more, and it connects with a number of other apps.

Note that sharing a calendar link can be less personal… (it is automated after all) so you’ll want to use it sparingly if you aren’t generating large volumes of appointments at once or simply utilize it once the relationship or the appointment has already been agreed to.

Having said that, once you are generating a high volume of calls, having a good scheduling calendar is critical. We are in the process of moving over to ScheduleOnce for a few key reasons:

  • Dynamic ability to easily add or remove team members from one booking link; if you have different sales people working with you, this is a must.
  • Tracking capabilities so you know where your leads come from and what campaign they’re in.
  • Improved deliverability of reminder emails. This lets you stay top-of-mind and can increase your call show-up rate.

7. Zapier

Tried and true, we use Zapier all the time to capture data, connect apps, and more. Simply put, it allows you to easily sync the software and tools you already use with each other – it’s a shortcut to streamline your workflow and reduce data entry.

Bonus: Again, in our 5 Day Create Your Automated Sales Process Bootcamp, we’ll show you how to use Zapier to make it easier to track leads, streamline workflows, and keep tabs and the data that’s relevant to your marketing efforts. Click here to learn more about the 5-Day Create Your Automated Sales Process Bootcamp.

8. Connect 365

Full disclaimer: this is our own software that we initially created for ourselves to send more effective email. We created Connect 365 because we needed a tool that allowed us to not only automate our own email efforts, but that was more effective in getting emails opened and responded to.

Plus, we needed something that was easy to use (see rule #3 above.) But what we really love about it is that it allows you to focus on automating your sales process while maintaining a very personal look and feel. We use it to automate our:

  • Outreach emails
  • Follow-up emails
  • Sales call reminders
  • Updates and promos
  • Joint-Venture Partner Outreach
  • Guest Posting and Podcast Opportunities
  • And more

Bonus: If you’d like to learn how to automate your own sales process, removing 90% of the hard work that leads to a sale, join us for our upcoming 5-Day Create Your Automated Sales Process Bootcamp. In just 20 minutes a day for 5 Days, you’ll learn how to:

  • Quickly grow your prospect list into a massive database of potential clients.
  • Book more sales appointments with quality prospects, consistently get more clients, and add to your bottom line.
  • Warm up prospects through proven messaging to build their trust, making the sales conversation easy – they’ll ask you how can help them!
  • Save hours of time every week by automating 90% of the heavy lifting.
  • Learn how to integrate a lot of the tools we mention here to save you time and allows you to focus on other, more important tasks.

There’s no reason for you to do everything yourself. Using the tools here, along with strategic automation can give you the peace of mind that certain tasks are taken care of without having to do it all yourself.

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