95 Sales Appointments Booked in Six Months for Local IT Services Company

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95 Sales Appointments Booked in Six Months for
Local IT Services Company

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The Challenge:

As a Managed IT service provider the Purple Guys had a very seasonal clientele, where most only considered looking at a new company at the end of the year. With the aim of targeting local prospects they’ve either had past convos with or they knew would be a good fit, they had a very defined goals:

  • Create better thought leadership, 

  • Increase and scale brand exposure, 

  • Get more qualified sales appointments with decision makers at SMBs (to get in front of their ideal customers more frequently to close more sales

  • And increase their top line revenue.

They also wanted to move away from what was primarily a referral based lead generation and sales development model. Due to superior customer service, they were able to build up a “solid line of referrals and even expand to a second office in St. Louis but for a business, referrals aren’t a solid growth strategy.

“Up until LinkedSelling, we were crossing our purple fingers and toes to get a solid line of referrals up and running in St. Louis while dripping in a few marketing campaigns.”

They also realized they needed a more systematic approach to break through the “noise” of busy inboxes and develop an effective content marketing strategy that educates their audience.

“Although we had great connections, we realized people were busy and email inboxes get bogged down. We also realized that especially when it comes to the complicated topic of IT people want solid resources to learn from and get advice, rather than being “traditionally” sold to. Looking for a creative way to set meetings with “warm” connections we decided to jump on the LinkedSelling boat. It’s been all “purple” waters since joining!”

Finally, The Purple Guys wanted to target their local market in both Kansas City and St. Louis and needed a method to help find, connect with, and nurture quality prospects in those areas.

The Solution:

We helped the Purple Guys address each of these concerns by implementing a a targeted growth strategy on their behalf. The process follows our proprietary lead generation and sales development approach:

  1. Their dedicated Account Manager here at LinkedSelling optimized their LinkedIn profile.

  2. We identified a target, using demographics such as title, company, and more. This information was used to conduct targeted searches on LinkedIn and execute campaigns to expand their database of prospects, connecting them with the exact people they want to get in front of.

  3. Our top-of-mind strategy was designed to build thought leadership and brand awareness through posting content on LinkedIn and growing a LinkedIn group. They already had quite a lot of content we were able to re-purpose in their local leadership groups. 

  4. Finally, we conducted multi channel messaging and email campaigns to send targeted LinkedIn messages and emails to their prospects leading them to book an appointment to talk about The Purple Guys managed IT services.

The Results:

95 Quality Sales Appointments

Increased Sales Appointments and Thought Leadership

Working with LinkedSelling provided The Purple Guys consistent, quality leads as well as a way to educate their target market,increase thought leadership, and elevate brand awareness. Our team reported at least 67 rock solid sales appointments were booked in Kansas City and 28 in St. Louis (a new market for them) in just a few months.

Their marketing manager, Paige Lee, shared with us some of their results,

“So far we’ve gotten a lot of great new connections, improved brand awareness, and most importantly an increase in first meetings set.”

“LinkedSelling has provided The Purple Guys with another, more direct, avenue to share our highly educational content with our target market. It's allowed us to better position ourselves as the thought leader in the industry by creating business based groups, with individuals who are ready to learn. After individuals join our thought leadership group, the response rate to our messages has increased widely, and most importantly the willingness to sit down over coffee or at our purple table has increased. In the first week, LinkedSelling set 7 meetings in KC alone, we were very ‘grapeful’!”

Paige explains,

“At The Purple Guys, we have a lot of highly intelligent people within our walls and we are always looking for avenues for them to share their knowledge with the world! LinkedSelling has provided us with an avenue to share tailored content with our target market. Providing the content through a B2B platform that isn’t bogged down by spam has been key to expanding our readership and becoming a leader in the IT space.”

Open Dialogue with Prospects

Paige also shared how working with LinkedSelling allowed her team find new opportunities with key people in the industry and in their communities.

“At The Purple Guys we have always focused on finding partners who are looking for a true partnership. LinkedSelling has aided in our model and allowed us to start open conversations with business leaders through the platform focusing current challenges, this open dialogue has not been something we have been able to achieve through other modes of marketing communication.

“We want to be a pillar in our communities. LinkedSelling has allowed us to connect with other business leaders and start open conversations about anything from business challenges, to ways to make an impact on the people within our communities. 

“At the end of the day our goal is not to just provide a service, it’s to make the lives of our partners easier so that they can be less stressed and in turn have more time to make an impact on their teams, and the people they go home to at night. We’re proud to be able to connect with some of the best business professionals in the country right here in KC and St. Louis and LinkedSelling has provided The Purple Guys with that mode of communication that we did not have access to before.”

They Found a Consistent, Transparent Outsourced Team in LinkedSelling

We strive to provide a positive experience for our clients, keeping communication open and transparent. On her experience, Paige shared the following:

“Everyone at LinkedSelling has been great to work with! After a few weeks and a large number of meetings set by LinkedSelling for our CEO, we knew it wasn’t sustainable for one person to have that many meetings involving coffee! Our Account Manager, Stephanie, was a huge help in reformulating the messaging scripts to create a warm hand-off to our sales team after a connection was made. This has helped to spread out the number of first phone calls and meetings to a few different people. Stephanie totally rocks!”

A-Player Professional Increase Your Bandwidth and Drive Growth

Paige told how us helpful it was to “leave the legwork to the professionals”:

“LinkedSelling has been great to work with, their model can fit any shape or size of business and the individuals on their team who are acting on your behalf are all A-player professionals. LinkedIn is the business version of Facebook, which isn’t going away, by using LinkedSelling you are able to maximize your connections all while leaving the legwork to the professionals. If you’re a numbers person, in the first week LinkedSelling set 7 in-person meetings in Kansas City for our team, those are results you can't deny.

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About the Purple Guys:

The Purple Guys is the premier Managed IT Services provider in Kansas City and St. Louis, providing stress-free IT since 2001. Today they support 200+ partners representing over 5000 people in their communities and make IT simple for our partners by acting as their complete outsourced IT provider. Services include: remote and on-site support, server and desktop management, backups and disaster recovery, strategic IT planning, and cutting edge security protection, all for one flat monthly fee.

Industry: Managed IT Services

Location: Kansas City, Missouri


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