Announcing Onward Magazine! Marketing and Sales Strategies That Actually Get Results.

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Today's the day!

The wait is over.

We're very proud to announce the launch of…

Onward Magazine. Marketing and Sales Strategies That Actually Get Results.

What's this all about?!!

iPad Tablet Magazine for Marketing and SalesOnward is for serious business folks. It's not your typical fluff-filled, 101-level kind of bs. It's for people that no longer need this kind of entry level material.

It's for people like you that are into continuous improvement, the next thing, and moving their business forward. Onward.

It's for marketing and sales professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, ceo's, solopreneurs, coaches and consultants, internet marketers, both online AND brick-and-mortar businesses, and people just like you.

Here's our promise to you.

I guarantee that you will get AT LEAST one actionable strategy or tactic from each issue of Onward, that you can put in place for your business right away.

To celebrate the launch of Onward, we're offering a massive discount for the next few days. Until Saturday Sept. 21, you can get an Annual Subscription (12 issues) for 72% off.

Onward's monthly rate is $5.99. But you can lock in 12 issues right now for just $19.99. That's the price right now, both in the iTunes store for iPad and iPhone, and online for everybody else.

Do the math on this. At least one insight you can put in place to help grow your business, every month, for less than $2 per month.

We've made this an absolute no-brainer for you. BUT, here's the deal…

In exchange for giving you this huge discount, we'd love if you would leave a review for Onward in the iTunes store. Deal?

There's WAY too much packed into the premiere issue for me to cover it all here…but you can preview the issue for free on iTunes, or at

What really matters is this:

Over the course of the next 12 months, this is going to make a real, tangible difference in your business.

This is going to move the needle. And we are pumped!

Click here to get it for iPad or iPhone. Don't have one of those? Not to worry! You can still subscribe to Onward for any other tablet, your mac or PC…by heading over to and signing up for our web based version.

Here are the links one more time:

Onward for iPad and iPhone.

Onward for PC, mac, or any other tablet.