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Connect 365: The Premium Automation Software For Sending Personal Follow-Up & Outreach Emails to Prospects... in Bulk.

The Systems, Support, And Software To Automate Your Lead Generation, Sales Follow-Up, And Prospect Outreach To Generate More Revenue, Close More Clients, And Increase Prospect Engagement

Typical email automation software gives your sales follow-ups only about a 14% chance of being read at all - and it’s because your prospect can tell it’s obviously an automated email and their defenses go up. We knew how important building relationships and staying in contact is for sales, so we developed a new, premium automation software that gives you the same benefits of other automation tools, AND increases the chances that your emails get read. How? Because your outreach looks as if it came from your own inbox!

It’s a “Warm Email” system, custom built for the proprietary lead generation system we use to deliver leads every month for our clients. There’s really nothing else like it. It will keep your business in front of your BEST prospects month after month and increase the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts.

Is Connect 365 Right For You?

Fair Question! Here's how you can make sure that Connect 365 is the right fit for you and your business:

This Is A Fit If You:

  • Understand the value of the personal follow-up and staying in front of your prospects
  • If you’re spending way too much time sending follow-up emails, but have doubts about the typical, impersonal automation services out there
  • Want to increase the volume and quality of sales appointments for you and/or your sales team
  • Sell a high-ticket product or services to other businesses
  • Understand the value of building trust and relationships with your best prospects

This Is NOT A Fit If You:

  • Do not work with clients or have an interest in working with clients
  • If you’re OK with taking more time than necessary to send follow-up or outreach emails
  • Don’t mind that your prospects are not reading your emails
  • If you are not willing to sell your product or services through sales appointments or strategy sessions
  • Want to continually risk losing out on new clients because individual emails are too tedious
  • Don’t see the value of staying in contact, or creating a relationship with your prospects

This is how we help

What makes us different, High-level benefits directly solving pain point


No Third Party Branding

The problem with most automation software you see these days is that it’s obviously automated, and it’s got third party branding, and an unsubscribe button. This immediately puts your prospect on the defensive. Connect 365 looks like you took the time to write a 1-to-1 personal email, directly from your own inbox to theirs.


Close More High-End Clients

When you increase the chances that your emails get read and continue to build relationships with your best prospects, you exponentially increase your effectiveness. This gives you the means to easily target high-ticket prospects, build a rapport with them, and lead them to the sales appointment.


Automate 90% of the Work Involved

Without losing the personal touch that makes it all work! This software is designed to save you time, so we’ve made this as user-friendly as possible. We want to help you send follow-ups as quickly as possible so you can get back to what’s important: growing your business.


Access Our "Warn Email Blueprint" Training Library

This is actually a very helpful and practical Training Library that covers LITERALLY everything you need to know to take full advantage of your Connect 365 license, write engaging emails, and build a list with your top prospects, plus other content that is exclusive to Members Only.

And don’t just take our word for it!

Ready to Get Your Message In Front of More Prospects? Join Connect 365 Today!

Use Connect 365 is to take the hard work off your shoulders by automating your sales follow-up and prospect outreach, while increasing email deliverability and keeping the personal touch that helps your prospects trust you.

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Here’s the Bottom Line With Connect 365

Here’s what you get:

Monthly access to the entire suite of money-making, automated workflow tools

Value: $400/mo

Immediate access to a special members-only training portal

Value: $4995

Hours of time and effort saved every single month

Value: Priceless

Total Value:

$4995 + $400/mo

Your Investment:

Only $47/mo

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