FAQ Series: Closing more sales and so much more

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Congrats! You’ve got leads coming in the door… now what??

We all know that leads are the lifeblood of a sales team. Your team needs real opportunities and they need them consistently. You want new prospects booking appointments every month not just to keep your sales team busy, but to increase new cash-in-door revenue monthly!

But once you have the prospects booking appointments, what can you expect your sales to be like?

This is something you should absolutely be concerned about. In this post we share our answers to some of the top questions we hear regularly about selling to the leads.

What if I get a lot of appointments, but I don't get any sales?

That's a great question! We do our best to work with you and your teams to deliver the quality of leads you’re looking for. The criteria we use to target prospects is decided and agreed upon upfront before we launch any campaigns. From there, whatever prospects we give you, we hand them over to your sales team. We don’t want to leave you empty handed though...

Let me ask you this…

Is your sales process different for prospects/leads who do not know you through referral or reputation?
How often do you sell to cold prospects?
Is it important, for you, to be able to sell to cold prospects? 

If it is important to sell to cold prospects and you have never done it before, there is a good chance you are going to need to work with a good sales trainer who can help put together your sales process and playbook to be able to close these types of leads. We work with the #1 Sandler franchise in the world and refer them regularly to our clients.

Would you like us to make an intro? We’re happy to do so!

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Why is your system better than hiring for this or managing it in-house with Your sales department?

Honestly, it may not be. 

If you are already successful at hiring, training and managing a sales development and outreach marketing team then you are probably okay. However, if you don't have a proven track record on how to do this work, where you can bank on consistency and predictability, there is a very very good chance that outsourcing to an agency will be a much less expensive solution than hiring a team who can execute at the same level of work.  

Remember, most agencies have a team of specialists from management, copywriters, account executives and SDRs that focus on one campaign.  That’s anywhere from 4-7 professionals that it takes to execute a campaign at the level where you can expect to see ROI.

On average, how many sales do your clients close from your leads?

In all honesty, they generally close the same percentage of deals they close from their own outbound efforts. 

We are here to fuel your sales pipeline, but we’re not closing on your behalf. 

If your sales team has a good conversion rate, then that will likely continue with the appointments we deliver. If you’d like a better conversion rate from your sales team, see the above point. 

We’re happy to make a recommendation with the #1 Sales training company, whom we use regularly.

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What is the average cost per lead?

First, you need to understand that there are SO many outside variables when it comes to cost per lead.

It’s totally dependent on your target prospect, the industry you’re attacking, along with your branding and sales offering. Also, not all leads respond the same on each platform.  Some might respond better to dialing, some to ads or even just automated email follow-up.

If you want CEO's of Fortune 500 companies that is going to be an EXTREMELY expensive lead to acquire. This is due to the nature of the work involved to attract their attention, get past the gatekeepers, and really position your company as a valuable resource to them and their companies.

>> Read more about that here in our blog: Client Acquisition Costs vs Client Lifetime Value: The Importance of LTV In Your Sales Cycle <<

Second, define the term "lead". 

Are we talking about an opt-in for a white paper or a sales call with a potential prospect or what? 

As mentioned above, not all leads are the same. A name on a list of people who’ve requested access to or downloaded a report is very different from prospects who’ve taken the step to actually book an appointment with your sales team. The work behind getting each of these leads is drastically different, and is reflected in the cost. 

That being said, we do our best to work with you to give you CONTROL over your lead generation and to do it in a cost effective way.

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We have everything IN PLACE, we don't need any emails created or lead magnets. What kind of discount can I have then?

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That’s great!

Just give us that material and instead of spending a month building stuff out, we'll just get straight to the execution, which remains the same price. If price is an issue, speak with our team who can advise you on the best options available for your budget.


We've ALL been there. It's your typical bottleneck situation that many companies experience when trying to bite off more than they can chew.

Or, they don't have the right experience or even enough man-power to execute a successful campaign.

And to capture your ideal prospect, on their preferred medium means you HAVE TO put forth a lot of effort to stay in front of them.  And that’s why we push for a Multi-Channel Approach.  Because you’re market could respond to emails, but they could NOT respond very well to phone calls (or vice versa).

This of course depends on the market, the frequency you send, and most importantly… what you’re actually sending! In most cases, we see great success in all the industries we’ve marketed to on behalf of our clients.

>> You can learn more about our messaging strategy here: The Exact Outbound Messaging Scripts We Utilize for Our Clients To Get Qualified Prospects On The Phone <<

I want you to book calls for my sales reps that are in different markets. Can you do that?


It worked for the people in your case study, why isnt it working for me?

Great questions! Our case studies are 100% on point for each of those companies, so it makes sense that if you’re seeing great success there, you’d expect the same.

Remember the people in the case study were running their campaigns for months and months - which allowed us to optimize and get things dialed in. This is a process! Remember that lead generation is NOT a one and done deal.

Read about Managing False Expectations From Your Lead Generation Agency here. Remember, any agency that quotes you a number is a LIAR.

There is never a time where we turn on a funnel and we get 1000 leads in the first 2-3 weeks. We're the experts in this area and our own funnels don't even perform this way. This is why it's important to optimize - and to allow time for that to happen.

What size clients/businesses work best with your strategy?

We look for four things in a client when we choose to work with someone. 

  1. B2B 
  2. High Ticket Sales 
  3. Can we find their prospects online? 
  4. Patience. (See the above point)

If you check those boxes, there's a good chance we are a good fit. We have some clients who are one man shops and others that have 500 employees but usually they are checking all four of those boxes.

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What business verticals are your best clients?

We specialize in high ticket B2B verticals, mostly service based or bulk retail for example. The key is that they sell by appointment. We’ve worked with clients in any industry that fits that description. 

A lot of clients fall within IT, SaaS, Management Consulting and Coaching, Marketing, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance and so on.

We have an intern that does prospecting for us, why would I outsource it for $$$$ a month?

Another good question. On the surface, it seems obvious; you have someone who can do the job, why would you outsource that elsewhere. 

Ask yourself these questions…

Is your intern successful? (Are they really doing the job?)
Are they booking a lot of appointments?
Do they build great lists?
Are they making a lot of calls to the list?
How are their sales development skills?
How's their copywriting?
Are they executing enough touchpoints to get through to your prospects?

Our team averages over 12-15 touchpoints per prospect over a 30-day period, and at 500 prospects per month we’re looking at roughly +/-6000 touchpoints. Along with everything that goes into a campaign of that caliber (R&D, optimization, copywriting/scripting, reporting, management, etc.).

Experience counts, as does manpower. If you’re not hitting your goals with your intern, it might be a good idea to get support.

We are already doing all of these things and it's not working.

Why is it not working? That’s the question to start with.

Dig in to where you might have potential bottlenecks. Look at your KPI’s and your goals, are they realistic? Is what you want actually doable? 

The systems we put in place on behalf of our clients are the most effective lead generation and sales development processes that we know of (and we’ve tried it all). There is always a way to optimize and to find out why something isn’t working. That’s why these campaigns take time. There is a lot to dial in - from the messaging, to content (the copy and the creative), and well as how it aligns with your sales team.

If you have questions about why something isn’t working - or hasn’t worked for you, our team is ready to help! Book a call or reach out to your Client Strategist and we’ll dive right in to help you answer this question.

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Lead generation, sales development, and sales are all a process! It’d be nice if we could snap our fingers and get you all the appointments you could use for the rest of year - and help you close them!

If you have more questions about our process, how we can support your sales team, and what to expect from our approach, please reach out to your Client Strategist, or just book an appointment with the team below.

We make it a policy to be available to companies with these kinds of questions and are happy to answer them.

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