Common Misconceptions about LinkedIn & LinkedSelling

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In today's post we investigate some common misconceptions about LinkedSelling and LinkedIn. LinkedIn should be the tool, not the end result. 

Read below to hear how we differentiate the tool from the end-goal.

There’s a common misconception about my company (LinkedSelling) that I hear all the time... and I’d like to clarify now…

Without fail I'll hear: “Aren’t you the LinkedIn guy?”

I could say YES because my team and I certainly use LinkedIn, we have a great relationship with the LinkedIn team, and a lot of people do consider us to be the best in the world when it comes to getting leads off LinkedIn. (And not to mention we have the word ‘Linked’ in our company name.)

There was a time when our primary focus was LinkedIn, but as we grew we've built up new skills and helped our clients with more needs which has allowed them to achieve their main goal -> a more consistent and predictable pipeline of quality leads and sales appointments.

When I look at it in terms of my company, we have to be blunt: LinkedIn is just a tool.

A powerful tool, but still a tool.

You wouldn't call a carpenter a ‘hammer expert.’ Although he most likely is an expert at using a hammer… the hammer is just one of the tools he uses to get the job done. The same can be said for us. So Yes, we are experts at using LinkedIn to get our clients better sales opportunities. But LinkedIn is just one tool (of many) that we have at our disposal to get the job done for our clients.

And at LinkedSelling we are so much more than a “LinkedIn” agency. This article will aim to clear the air and share how we try and communicate our total value to our prospects:

“What does LinkedSelling actually do then?”

That’s exactly the question I’d expect from any savvy business owner or marketer, because I know you’ve really got one thing in mind:

“How can it help me hit my goals?”

First, tell me if any of the following scenarios ring true for you…

  1. Do you or your sales team not have enough leads in your pipeline, and sales appointments on the calendar, to maintain the level of growth needed to hit your goals?
  2. Or are the leads that you are currently getting not the best fit for your business?

As you know, when that happens, it requires that you spend more time on prospecting, outreach, and following up. That is, if you can get your team to do that at all, but that also means they spend less time actually closing deals.

This of course, causes your sales to fluctuate when referrals and word of mouth slow or dry up and your other lead sources aren’t working the way they used to.

In that case, what plagues you the most is that you know that you could solve this problem if you didn't already have a to-do list that is miles long.

I don’t care if you are a CMO, Marketing or Sales Director, or the Business Owner yourself… every business will go through the challenges I mentioned above. How you tackle that challenge is what will allow you to sign more clients, grow your business faster and surpass your competitors.

So if you are like most, you probably have a couple questions at this point running through your head:

How do you know where to start?

How do you know what do focus on?

You only have so much bandwidth and it only stretches so far. You need to fill your pipeline with the RIGHT leads and sign amazing clients…consistently.

LinkedSelling exists to help people in your situation.

What we do is help grow businesses, ranging from small and medium sized all the way up to Fortune 500 companies, by getting consistent, quality leads on your sales’ team calendar, filling your pipeline with amazing sales opportunities.

How We Work in a Nutshell...

When you work with my team and I here at LinkedSelling:

  • We partner with you as your full-service, outbound lead generation & sales development team.
  • We find and attract the right clients and get them to book appointments on your calendar consistently.

This way you can streamline your efforts, letting your sales team focus on what they’re best at and you can let your closers close instead of spending countless hours chasing leads and hoping.

Could you do all of this on your own in-house?

It’s possible. But most don’ least not the right way.

On top of that, in the past it took companies significant time and resources to do it. So instead of allowing lead generation and sales development to eat into your day, distracting you and your team from focusing on other tasks, LinkedSelling helps you leverage those commodities to take back wasted time, make revenue more predictable, relationships more profitable, and your sales processes more repeatable.

What’s more, we’ve found a way to do it that’s faster and more cost-effective than developing your own sales development program and hiring an internal sales development team.

The truth is, we’ve found that when you partner with a reliable team of experts you will finally have the resources in your corner to fill your sales team’s calendar with quality leads, and you can let your closers do what they do best…close.

Our Approach Is Based On Building Strategic Relationships

I hear from too many business owners frustrated with other outbound lead generation strategies with little to no results from activities like cold calling, cold emailing, trade shows and more. They’re just not getting enough traction. What I also suggest they focus on instead is finding a way to build a relationship and position themselves as resources, instead of vendors.

The way we do that for our clients is this:

We’ll implement a multi-channel outbound system designed to engage your best prospects, build trust on your behalf, and set the sales appointment.

This multi-channel outbound system is primarily LinkedIn, phone, and email, and for some of our clients that want even more scale, we add Facebook and LinkedIn advertising into the mix. We use these because they allow us to directly target and connect with quality prospects on your behalf. We’ve developed proprietary systems to find targeted prospects, build strategic relationships with them, nurture interest, stay top of mind, and (most importantly) lead them to book appointments with you.

This is a systematic approach that works better for our clients than just hoping for referrals, attending trade shows, or even in some cases, spending thousands on ads that don’t have a direct line to booking appointments. Each of those things definitely can have value if they have the right strategy behind them. The reason why our approach works so well is that the leads we deliver are highly targeted and often times, hand picked to the best prospects for your business.

We’re On Your Side and In Your Corner

Many of our clients count on us to generate their entire quota for “sales qualified leads” while others count us as just one of many lead sources that keep their team productive. Different businesses, teams, and sales cycles require different approaches. This is why it is more important than ever to have a team of experts on your side.

So no matter what stage you’re currently at, we’ll have the right people on your side to help you get better sales opportunities so you and your team can close, not just more clients, but more of the RIGHT clients. Because frankly, as a leader it is your responsibility to consistently grow your sales while eliminating unneeded expenses.

To do that… You need your team to focus on what they are best at. You want them dialed in on the work you hired them for.

You understand that it’s best to have us fill up your best sales rep’s calendars so your closers can close and not have to poke around on LinkedIn, send emails (which often don’t actually get sent), or have to pick up the phone to call new prospects (which your best sales reps probably avoid like the plague).

You want predictability. You want to forecast the next month, quarter, and year, so you can better make plans for growth.

You want an integrated multi-channel outbound approach that gets results and positions your brand and team as trustworthy leaders in your space.

And you want a lot more leads with prospects that need and can afford your products and services.

Without years of trial and error.

That’s what we do here at LinkedSelling and why we should talk about your options. If you’re interested in how my team can alleviate the overwhelm of getting leads, and how we can work with you to streamline your efforts, allowing your sales team to focus on closing… We can help you make that happen.

Want to Learn More About Your Options? Let’s Talk

We have different solutions that help businesses like yours solve these kinds of problems and help you meet your financial goals. Depending on the right option for you, we can help you handle the work it takes to get leads, appointments and more of the right kinds of clients - the ones that actually move the needle for your business, so you can focus on what’s important. But in order to help you discover the right solution for your business, we need to talk.

I’ve asked my team to open their schedules to give you an opportunity to talk about how you currently get leads and what, if any, holes, weaknesses, or struggles you’re dealing with and how one of our solutions might be able to fix them.

All you need to do is to first help us understand a little more about your business by answering a couple of simple questions by clicking the “Start Application” button below.

This application will help us make sure we get the absolute most out of our time together by getting a head start on what options may be the best fit for your current situation..

From there you’ll be able to schedule an appointment and speak with my Director of Client Strategy to go over our suggested playbook for your specific situation. But I gotta warn you… There is a catch. Because we only have so many hours in a day, we need to cap the number of calls we take.

I know that puts some pressure on you, so I'm going to make your decision extremely simple.
Because of the limited nature of these calls, simply answer a few questions to help us get a preliminary idea if any of our solutions would be a good fit for you and we’ll direct you to the right person to talk to.

Whether you’re at a stage where you’re looking to outsource everything and have someone do it all FOR you… or you simply need some help getting started, we can do the legwork of getting it set up for you, and then hand it off to you or your team.

Or, if you’ve already had some success and are looking for ways to scale, we can help you implement the same strategies that we’re implementing for clients of ours who are generating hundreds of sales appointments each month. Think about what that would look like.

It just depends on how much you want us to do for you, or how much you want left on your shoulders. So answer the questions on the application. It should take less than 2 minutes to go through and you can do that now. As long as this page is still up, we have more time slots available for calls. We’re excited to talk with you, and incredibly excited to help you get more sales opportunities with better prospects so you hit your revenue goals every single month.

Want to see what the possibilities are for your business?

We have different solutions that help businesses of all sizes get more leads and sales appointments for their sales team, filling your pipeline with amazing sales opportunities. But in order to help you discover which would really be the right solution for your business, we need to talk.  

All you need to do is to first help us understand a little more about your business by answering a couple of simple questions by clicking the “Start Application” button on this page.

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