4 Things to Do Daily in Your LinkedIn Account

Posted by Josh Turner in LinkedIn Marketing Insights

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Read below to learn the must-do daily tasks for anyone looking to use LinkedIn as a growth engine. The 4 tasks below are just the starting point, but at a minimum is what we recommend to build up your following and begin to generate sales opportunities from the platform.

One of the biggest questions we get is this:

What should I be doing on LinkedIn to help me get clients?

I get it, it can be confusing when you sit down and you want to spend time doing something productive. But what activities on LinkedIn are actually going to pay off?

Let’s kill any second guessing or overwhelm today. Do these four things on LinkedIn every single day and you will absolutely see a start to see a difference in the engagement and results you get from your account.

1. Read Something

You might be thinking… how does simply reading something help me get clients?

Here’s the thing, there is a lot of great information being out there on LinkedIn these days.

Both to help you improve your business, but also on the topics that your prospects are interested in.

To become the most effective marketer, salesperson, or solution in the marketplace, you need to fully understand your prospects.

Reading what they read and knowing who or what influences them, as well as what they’re searching for will make a big difference in how you talk and connect with them.

2. Share Something

​The truth of the matter is, if no one knows about you it doesn’t matter how good your service is. You need visibility and getting into a rhythm of sharing something every single day will help you get there.

And, as a side note, right now is really the perfect time to dial this in because LinkedIn is at a point that Facebook was several years ago when enough people could still see your content organically, without paying for ads because of Facebook’s huge saturation.

Many of the top names in social media and digital marketing have been ringing the bell about this recently. And we have really been pushing LinkedIn content over the past few years for this very reason! If you’re not sharing content daily, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to gain traction with your audience.

Now, you might be wondering - what should I share?

Your goal is to share content that is relevant to your prospects. For example, if you sell tech consulting services to owners of manufacturing plants.

Sure. You could share everything about your specific area of focus - that is, software, tech, IT security, etc, but it’s pretty narrow on your topic and won’t be consistently relevant to your prospects.

They are interested in manufacturing. They are interested in running a successful business, sourcing vendors, growing their operation, and IT is certainly involved - it’s not the only focus. So you’d want to find out what their unique problems are for their industry share content that’s relevant to THEM. That doesn’t mean you ignore or don’t share content on your area of expertise, but you want to mix that in with content likely to catch their attention.

This is a look at the impressions our social media updates receive from our Company Page over the past two weeks.

My Two Cents...

To share content most efficiently with your audience on social media we recommend 2 options.

1. Curate it.

The most obvious reason to curate is that you don’t need to take the time to create your own content. But saving time is just the surface. It’s also a very strategic move because the type of content you share is also a great positioning tool.

When you can actually share content you know will be appreciated, content that’s already received a good response, you position yourself as well-read, humble (because you’re willing to step aside and let others shine), helpful, and just as knowledgeable as the original content creator.

It’s the perfect way to position yourself as an authority because you achieve that without being pushy or salesy.

2. Outsource it.

Content is a long-term play. That doesn't mean it's not impactful. But if you are the one person tasked with growing your business, consider the time needed to great consistent, relevant content and determine if your time is better spent on that or on other avenues of growth.

3. Connect with Someone

​Continually adding new prospects as first-degree connections on LinkedIn is essential to any LinkedIn marketing strategy. This will feed your pipeline, and if you’ve done a good job of targeting and connecting with quality prospects, it will pay off by getting in a rhythm of constantly adding new connections.

We suggest finding time to sit down once a week or at least once a month to send connection requests. This way you can send large groups of connections at once and no matter whether you make time daily, weekly, or monthly, we suggest you connect with an average of at least 30-50 new prospects per month.

Note that this will mean you need to send out more requests - on average if you have are well-positioned and include a personal note in your request you can expect anywhere from 35-50% being accepted.

Save time promoting on Social Media!

Send custom social media content to attract new customers.

4. Start a Conversation

This goes hand-in-hand with #3 because once you’ve gotten new connections, you’ll want to nurture them towards booking an appointment with you. You also need to use conversation as a way to stay top-of-mind and build trust with your prospects so that when they are ready to talk business they know exactly who to turn to.

Let’s talk about the RIGHT way to start a conversation on LinkedIn.

We talk a lot about sending what we call a “Multi-Touch” messaging campaign where over the course of a few weeks, you send valuable resources like articles, videos, or some other content your prospect would appreciate. This drip messaging sequence leads eventually to booking a phone call or appointment.

But a messaging campaign isn’t the only way to start a conversation with a prospect on LinkedIn. Commenting on a post, sharing something in a group, introducing two connections to each other, publishing an article, or even just taking a second to recommend or endorse a prospect of yours are all ways to initiate conversations with your prospects on LinkedIn.

You’ll notice none of these options said ‘Send them your Sales Proposal right away.’ Build up some goodwill and familiarity with your prospects first.

Taking Action

​As with everything else in life, if you don’t take action, you won’t see the kinds of results you want. When it comes to LinkedIn, attracting and finding prospects isn’t rocket science, it just takes a few minutes every day or a couple hours every month and the right strategy. Again consistency and relevancy are the first steps here.

If you want to take full advantage of LinkedIn now, but struggle with finding time to post everyday and come up with content, we can help take that off your plate at a fraction of the cost most social media agencies charge. Learn more and get your first 6 social media posts created for free with Emphatic below.

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